Think about an emotional issue that you would like help with right now, then ask the following questions:

1. What is the worst thing about this for me?

2. How can I resolve this?

You may use your own answers to resolve your issue, or, the following words chosen from the DIY Therapy Chart Cards (word definitions from the book DIY Therapy Chart: An Emotional Healing Guide).

1. Disappointment (is related to depression): DEPRESSION is almost always ANGER turned inward. It is about not getting what you want but instead of externalizing the hurt you hold it in thus experiencing disappointment and disillusionment. This may involve self-pity. If you do not get out of this frame of mind you will most likely experience despair.

2. Forgiveness: FORGIVENESS is usually about self-forgiveness. Sometimes it is about forgiving others who have harmed you. This involves your acceptance of people/things (including yourself) as they are and the understanding that certain events happen for a reason. Compassion is often something you are told to feel for others in order to forgive but it is usually more beneficial to feel this for yourself. This will lead to many positive things such as, making it easier to forgive others, to feel at peace and to be happy.

If you can relate to these words then, once again, the answer is self-forgiveness or self-compassion. In my experience, when disappointment or let down surface in life, you have made a choice somewhere along the way that you now regret – you spent too much money on something that was not worth it; you have taken on someone else’s burden; you trusted someone that was untrustworthy; you entered a relationship out of fear of being alone but then discovered that you have nothing in common with this person… Think of the lesson learned as a gift and move forward with your life. It is certainly not the first or the last time that you will experience disappointment in life – love yourself enough to extricate yourself from the person or situation.