“What do we most need to know this month?” Thurisaz (rune)

This rune is an indication of upheaval and change – sudden and unexpected change. It can be a sign of good luck or luck running out (if you believe in luck).

In October, we need to be aware that things are changing whether we want them to or not. If we have been asking for help it may come in very unexpected ways that are troubling at first but beneficial in the long-run. For instance, you may be fired from your job which then leads you to new employment that is far more fulfilling, or, where you happen to meet the love of your life. It’s ultimately about opening doorways, or creating new pathways, in our lives.

These changes are destined. This may not make them any easier to go through but the knowledge that we are on our way should help ride the waves of inner and outer transformation.

We need to take care of ourselves and listen to the deepest stirrings of our heart (as opposed to our negative ego), in order to make the right choices at the right time.

So it is.