What will help move you forward this month?

Jera (rune)

 Keywords and phrases: harvest; fertility; rewards for past efforts; joy; celebration; turning point; karmic gifts; lessons learned; wisdom attained.

Patting yourself on the back for a job well done, will help you move forward this month. Jera indicates that you have come a long way, learned many lessons but the work, or the journey, is not yet over. It’s a time to receive the gifts of your past efforts which may be more internal than external. For example, if you are now more discerning, you will make better choices for yourself. This may then lead to you creating a better life (the reward then becomes external).

The other way to experience this, is to take the time to look over everything that you have done, personally and professionally, and to take pride in it. If your kids are now grown, doing well on their own, pat yourself on the back for that, as you did play some role in aiding their independence. If you help people via your work, think about those whom you have assisted by acknowledging the difference that your support has made in their lives. This is not about taking an ego trip…it’s about taking stock of all that is worthwhile in your world, and yes, that includes you.

Use these good vibes to propel you forward on whatever it is that you plan to do next.