“What do we most need to know this month?” Sowilo (Rune)

Sowilo is about wholeness and completion – we need to know that we have reached a point where we have embraced our darkness and our light (i.e. we have transformed our pain into something positive, new and life affirming). Sowilo is aligned to the Sun’s energy which sustains all life on this planet. As we enter the new life that we have worked hard to create we become the Sun (or the Star – the Sun is actually a Star) in our own lives.

This follows on from the grief that we endured at the end of last month (or have been enduring for several months/years) for it is in letting go and grieving for that which is no longer appropriate that we can fully anchor into the new. This does not mean that all challenges will cease to exist but my sense is that we have turned a corner in a most profound way that may take us a while to fully comprehend. Nothing will ever be the same again…and that’s a good thing.