“What is the most empowering thing we can do this month?”


(from the Para-Grams deck by the Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda)

“We cannot live happily by spiritual sustenance alone nor by material prosperity alone. It is only by having ambition and by crowning that ambition with the idea of service to others, either by helping them individually or by working for some great cause, that you will find a spiritual reason for making money for yourself and others. To help others to help themselves also spiritualizes ambition. An Almighty Power has linked us all together. Whenever you help others you are helping yourself.”

When I read the definition of  ‘ambition’ on this card, I must say that my mind was blown. Yogananda basically describes my life’s purpose in his own words: helping others to help themselves. Furthermore, he uses the word “Power“, my question for this month contains the word “empowering”, and, my company name ends in the same ‘P’ word: New Age Power.

The emphasis here is on personal empowerment via helping others in any way that you are passionate about. If you are already doing this (as I am), in what way(s) can you expand your ambition? Personally, I am in the process of broadening my horizons with my business which will, ultimately, result in helping more people.

September 2014 is going to be an empowering month if you find ways to create, or expand upon, your ambition by marrying it with some kind of service to humanity.