An Australian lawyer that I have been following since 2020 – Serene Teffaha – is exposing the corruption in the establishment in the video below. She has initiated lawsuits in relation to the Covidiocy of the past year, but she is, and has been, involved in many fights against immorality in her time.

As a law student thirty odd years ago, I discovered that the justice system rarely metes out justice. However, it can still be used to expose corruption. It is this type of unveiling that is going to explode in the years to come – it can no longer be hidden.

She is one gutsy lady. She is being targeted by the filth behind it all. Please share this video far and wide.



They have cancelled Serene’s licence – learn more in the video below.

Serene Responds to Cancellation of Licence – YouTube

Updates on the matter are posted below.

Hampel v Teffaha – YouTube

Please visit Serene’s website for updates on current and future justice-related actions:

Advocate Me