This one will be very short and sweet, or bitter depending on your point of view. I really did not want to touch on the shite of 2020 this year. However, I changed my mind because it seems that some people still aren’t getting it. The videos below may help them understand what is really going on.

To summarize the real reason(s) for the global ‘health crisis’ last year: This manufactured event was a smokescreen to implement greater control over the masses. A major part of this agenda is depopulation – that is, the less people on the planet, the easier it is to control them, primarily via the use of technology. (Of course, the robbing of the treasuries was also going on behind the scenes as it has been since the dawn of time. Where do you think Gates and his mob got the funds to manufacture all of those toxic injections?)

The information contained in the videos below may lead some conspiracy theorists to rightly say, “I told you so.”

Are you willing to live in an Orwellian (zero privacy) world? 

El DeBarge Jr. – You better get on the right side of this (

Are you willing to sacrifice your health, or your existence on this planet, to untested ‘vaccines’ (i.e. gene code injections) for a non-existent health threat?


The Gene Code Injection – An Experiment On Humanity? (

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