Telepathy: Is it all in your head?

“I was just thinking of you,” I said to my friend when I picked up the phone, and I went on to say how this has been happening far too often lately. She laughed.

This sort of phenomenon has been labeled a telepathic experience or one of ESP (extra-sensory perception). Telepathy is, in fact, a form of ESP. Many of my friends and relatives have these experiences on occasion but for some of us they are increasing in frequency and accuracy.

So, what is telepathy? The Macquarie Concise Dictionary states that it is “communication of one mind with another by some means other than the normal use of the senses.”

Gwynne Dresser Mack in her book ‘ES and ESP,’ adds the following phrase to her definition of telepathy “without physical means,” implying that people can communicate via non-physical (or spiritual) means. This is still very difficult for some people to accept because human beings are seen as physical creatures, rather than spiritual entities inhabiting their bodies.

My own understanding is that we are essentially spirits, made up of pure energy or electricity. It is a proven scientific fact that we respond to our environment by the electrical impulses our brains receive through our nervous system.

For example, if we burn our finger the nerves in that finger send messages to the brain informing us to move our finger away from the heat because it is causing pain. Similarly, if we perceive something visually, there are many electrical impulses that assist our brain to receive and interpret the input from our eyes.

When we die this ceases to occur – there is no brain activity because there is no electricity (or spirit) in the body.

In relation to telepathy, we have to perceive this electricity as something that can also take the form of a radio wave or a television channel. The sounds and images that we receive from these devices are all communicated or transferred by ‘non-physical’ means, even though they are received by ‘physical’ means (i.e. the radio and T.V.).

It is my contention that people can definitely communicate in this manner, and indeed they often do without realizing it. I also believe that it is our social conditioning that prevents us from developing this ability because we are all trained to focus on the physical or material aspects of our world. If something cannot be ‘seen’ then it does not exist – this is our current view of reality. Anything that cannot be explained within this framework is considered, ‘coincidence,’ ‘supernatural,’ ‘paranormal’ or ‘psychic,’ and is relegated to the realms of magic, fantasy and the occult.

Mack states that children are much more telepathic than adults because they have not yet been effectively conditioned to focus only on the physical world. She cites the telepathic experiences of her own children as examples of this. When her daughter was two-years-old, she would announce when her father was coming home from work, even though he never arrived at a regular time. Her young son was also capable of telling her what his father was doing while on business trips and these details were later confirmed by her husband.

Attempts to demonstrate telepathy scientifically have been problematic. In science the validity of laboratory results depends upon being able to repeat the results in any given experiment. If the outcomes fail to repeat themselves just once then all of the other experiments with similar or the same outcomes, become invalid. Such psychic or spiritual occurrences are often spontaneous and so cannot be demonstrated on demand in the laboratory.

Another problem involves the inability of science to demonstrate psychic phenomena since its focus is on the physical aspects of persons instead of the spiritual.

Eventually, telepathy (or ESP) will be accepted as a ‘normal’ part of life because we are capable of such communication. I also believe that we are capable of it on a regular basis but we need to train ourselves to do this. The problem, at the moment, is that there is no way to prove this, since we do not have a method that can demonstrate such non-physical happenings, which would also enable us to teach it to others.


Gwynne Dresser Mack, “Es (Emmanuel Swedenborg) and ESP,” 1974, Massachusetts New Church Union, Massachusetts; p.28.

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