Stress Relief

Relaxation That Comes Naturally (Whether we realize it or not)


Walking is the most natural physical activity that a person does on a daily basis (unless there is some physical disability that prevents you from walking). If you take some extra time to walk instead of driving or taking a bus, it will help alleviate stress.

Dancing is a more enjoyable form of exercise and if you are too embarrassed to do it in public, there is always the privacy of your own home.


Parks, beaches, the mountains are all great places to get some fresh air and sunshine – this is both physically and mentally recuperative.

Sometimes these places are difficult to get to but sitting in your garden (if you have one) for a while, will have the same effect.


If you find that you are being too critical with yourself you need to STOP (as this is creating much more stress than you realize) and replace those thoughts with something positive – for example, replace “I’m so stupid – why did I do that?” with “I’ll do better next time.”


If you are stuck in a rut of negative thinking (and feelings) and positive self-talk seems too difficult, talking to someone that is a good listener and non-judgmental can really take a load off your mind.


Keeping a journal is very therapeutic. It allows for the expression and release of negative thoughts and frees up your energy for more worthwhile pursuits, such as, finding solutions to your problems.

If writing isn’t your forte there are many other creative ways to relax – drawing, painting, cooking, gardening, acting, construction etc.


Tuning-out for a while throughout your day helps diminish mental stress. It creates a meditative state where you may have a revelation about something that’s been bothering you.

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