Self Help Tutorials

The tutorial service is designed to assist you to effectively understand and implement the self-help information outlined in the book “DIY Therapy: Simple Self-help Skills.”

There are forty assessment tasks divided into six parts. If you decide to work through the tasks on your own without any input from the Tutor, the only cost to you is the price of the following books: DIY Therapy: Simple Self-help Skills (Product ID. 001) and DIY Therapy Assessment Tasks (Product ID. 003). You will find them on the Self Help Books page. If you would like to request assistance, or provide feedback, email the creator:, or complete the Contact form here. The materials for the course are currently only available as PDF documents which may be purchased directly from the author via the aforementioned email address. The only form of payment is via direct debit/wire transfer. 

If you would like to work in conjunction with the Tutor by submitting the tasks for assessment and receiving help via email, you will need to pay AUD1,500 which will include the cost of the PDF documents. The tasks must be completed within a twelve-week period beginning on the day of payment. There will be no assistance offered after this time.



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