DIY Self Help

Do It Yourself Self Help is about placing your self-healing power back into your own hands.

The practical psychological self-help skills made available throughout this website are designed as a guide for those who would like to develop individualized self-healing strategies. This is because the methods are fluid and open to interpretation. The overall focus of these theories and techniques is to promote self-empowerment via self-healing. The main philosophy underpinning all of these self-help skills is based on finding meaning in (or making sense of) your own experiences, challenges, emotions, relationships and so on.

Happy Healing! 


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The Phoenix Is Resurrected…Yet Again

I have decided to share some of the updated/rewritten parts of my autobiography on this blog. I created the blog in 2010 in order to share excerpts from the book, so I have come full circle in relation to this aspect of my life. (For the original posts about the book,...

Rewards: The Positive Side Of Karma

Most people forget about the upside of Karma which involves being handsomely rewarded for doing the right thing. Saturn does not only penalize wrongdoing, He also rewards the doing of good deeds. He tends to delay rewards, but He will pay you what you are worth when...

Nemesis: The Redeemer Of Righteousness

Nemesis is the Hellenic Goddess that delivers divine punishment to those who deserve it. In fact, her name is derived from the word nemein: to give what is due. It is often defined as “revenge” but that is because language - and Hellenic knowledge as a whole - was...

False Karma (And Stuff About Hollywood)

What is written herein is going to be difficult for many to comprehend, let alone accept, but I will put myself out there as I have many times before. It is what I signed up for in this lifetime. Dispelling the lies of history is extremely difficult since it was...

My Freedom Is Priceless

The title of this post is me saying: my right to think, say and do as I please, cannot be bought. It does not matter what the mode of exchange might be: money, property, luxury, status, fame, companionship, love, marriage. In other words, my freedom is so valuable...