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This is no longer a paid service but a page where you may work through your own issues via the information outlined below.

What I will emphasize right off the bat is that YOU are The Oracle. Even if you use Tarot cards, runes etc., the information that is coming through is an indication of what is going on inside of you at a certain point in time. Even if you do not use any tools of divination, it will be your thoughts, emotions, intuition and dreams that will provide the answers you seek. You may refer to whatever you are drawn to use in order to answer the questions below (you may of course, come up with your own questions).

Clarify The Issue

Start with a clear description of your issue – write it down, if you wish. Some questions to ask: 

  • What is the worst thing about this for me?
  • What is the most negative emotion right now? 

If you have difficulty relaxing in order to get clear about what is going on, you may be helped by the suggestions in this article.

Flip The Script

Now that you know what’s bothering you and why, you may turn it around by finding ways to glean something positive from the situation. Some questions to ask in order to gain this insight: 

  • What is the lesson here?
  • What can I do differently next time?
  • How can I see this more positively?
  • How can I resolve this?

These articles may assist you to understand this process in greater detail as well as listing other ways to gain insight from your experiences:

Feel To Heal

This is the final stage of emotional and mental release. Sometimes this happens spontaneously as you go through the steps outlined above. This was the “homework” part of my reading sessions when I did the one-on-one readings. This is important because I cannot (nor can anyone else) feel your emotions for you, or change your thoughts for you. The following articles describe several ways to work through deep-seated psychological issues (as well as the second and third articles listed under “FREE PDF Downloads” to the right of this page):


Happy Healing!


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