I decided to put this together because I miss the quote sharing I used to do on social media. I left the SM cesspool a few years ago and I ain’t going back to it.


“If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.”

“And God said, “Love your enemy”, and I obeyed him, and loved myself.” ~ Khalil Gibran

“Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt the people doing it.” ~ Chinese proverb

“If you have nothing to be grateful for, check you pulse.” ~ Ally Mbululo

“When someone says, “You’ve changed”, it means you’ve stopped living your life their way.”

“If I cut you out of my life, chances are, you handed me the scissors.”

“You laugh because I’m different; I laugh because you’re all the same.”

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates

“Only fools suffer fools gladly.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does, too. ” ~ K. Hosseini

“Avoid waiting for the wrong people to do the right thing.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” ~ Plato

“Unexpect the expected.”

“You mess with good, you mess with God.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“Power does not come to you – power comes from you.”

“Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.”

“If you’re not worth their time, they’re not worth yours.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

“Faith: daring the soul to go beyond what the eye can see.” 

Quotes for survivors of any form of abuse

“You survived the abuse. You’re gonna survive the recovery.” ~ Olivia Benson

“You save yourself or you remain unsaved.” ~ Alice Sebold

“The person who broke you cannot be the one to fix you.”

“Life – the Source of all life – is the most powerful healer of all.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“Damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive.” ~ Josephine Hart

“Righteous Indignation = Liberation.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

“The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis

“Healing = the alchemy of turning poisonous events into medicinal ones.” ~ Helen Papadopoulos

Quotes I found on t-shirts that brought such warmth and joy to my heart…

“Accept the good in your life. Like me. I’m a fucking delight.”

“I don’t sugar coat shit. I’m not Willy Wonka.”

“Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.”

Hilarious greeting card quote…

“I want you to know that someone cares – not me, but someone.”

An excerpt from my article: “Being Real: Reaching the Summit of Self-empowerment.”

“In my mind’s eye, I always see the height of self-empowerment as the top of a mountain. When you begin your ascent by getting real with yourself and the world it is treacherous because you don’t know what unforeseen dangers lay ahead. Eventually after much work, pain, soul searching and disapproval from others, you will reach that pinnacle. From there you’ll feel peaceful, not caring about what others may think of you. Life’s challenges may cause you to stumble and fall a few feet but if you are committed to yourself you will climb back up again and again. Look down – see how far you’ve come. The price you paid for your integrity was worth every penny.”