Here is the second blog post related to the rewriting of my autobiography: it is a brand new chapter, not in the original version of the book.

   The Healing Power Of The Creative Process

   The following is a modified reprint of an entire blog post on my website (with the same title published on June 30 2021), where I describe how the whole process of writing and preparing the book helped me heal ancestral trauma.

   “In this article, I will do my best to describe the healing power of the creative process as I have experienced it. It usually starts with some inner stirring – there is an unconscious, or subconscious (Spiritual) element here that comes forth and must be followed, or obeyed, even if the whole picture is not visible at the time. I experienced this on a profound level when I began writing my autobiography eleven-years-ago.

   To begin with, I did not want to name my book “Phoenix Rising” because I considered it an overused metaphor. I now realize there were other reasons related to the lying, thieving ‘Phoenicians’ in history…more on them below… (These people are not who we have been told that they are: they were Egyptians/proto-Jews. They appropriated the identity of another group of people: my ancestors. For more detailed information, go to this article: The Tree Of Life.) However, a poem arrived one day – from within – highlighting the Phoenix entitled, “Like the Phoenix, I Rise”. So, it became the theme in my storytelling.

   When I had to decide on an illustration for the book’s cover, I did not want a Phoenix, so I commissioned an intuitive artist to draw a woman with wings. After a few weeks, the artist sent me an email asking if a lion she kept seeing in her meditations could be added to the picture. I said she should draw whatever came to her.

   At the time, I thought the lion was a symbol of strength and courage. However, I have since discovered that it also has to do with history, the Phoenicians and royalty: the lion is a symbol of royalty. The so-called Phoenicians first came out of the royal houses of Egypt.

   When I began my Biblical research a few years ago, I discovered that the Egyptians learned (and stole) many things from the Hellenes – my ancestors – that they ultimately used to control humanity. I have dealt with this in several of my Biblical articles which you may find here (under the blog category: The Real Bible). This discovery occurred after I published my book but it was very relevant in relation to my healing things that I did not know needed healing at the time. I will explain this in the last couple of paragraphs.

   Then came the purple color for the cover of my book. The woman who undertook the task of preparing it for publication, decided to go with that color. She felt that it was the only one that matched the artist’s drawing that promoted healing – I agreed with her. I later learned that certain Phoenicians were also cloth merchants. The purple dye they liked to use for some of their materials came from a mollusk indigenous to the island of Crete (one of my great-grandfathers was born there). In fact, the word “Phoenician” is a Hellenic word meaning “crimson, or purple”. This color also became the one associated with royalty…

   The whole “Phoenix Rising From The Ashes” myth is of Hellenic origin: its symbolism is tied to the Sun. They have appropriated the symbolism of this myth as it kind of resembles how they operate in the world: destroying societies, then rebuilding them as they see fit. The image of the Phoenix has been replaced by the eagle, which sometimes appears as a double-headed eagle. I have been informed that this image is also of Hellenic origin. They have appropriated other Hellenic myths/symbols, too – for more on this, I send you to the last section of this article (Article Title: In The Beginning Was The Word).

   Even though the primary reason for writing my autobiography was to help me heal from the traumas of my childhood, I inadvertently healed ancestral trauma by using Phoenician symbolism. The fake Phoenicians and their descendants still rule the world today. In antiquity these people abused the Hellenes: they lied to and stole from them; they murdered them in order to destroy the bloodlines from within which universal knowledge was sourced. They attached this knowledge to their bloodlines and kept it for themselves. Evil is as evil does.

   By following my instincts when creating my book, I not only reclaimed my power from my childhood abusers – I reclaimed it from the abusers of my ancestors.”