I never thought I would have a reason to write a blog. So much of my work is already posted on my website but here I am…

Phoenix Rising: Healing from Sexual Abuse through Spirituality” will be a very difficult book to pen as it involves recalling – yet again – some very painful, horrible times. Abuse of any kind is devastating but the sexual variety involves a different or deeper level of violation. I’m not sure why at the moment but I will probably have formed an opinion by the time this book is finished.

Specific incidences of abuse will be omitted from these posts but they will be in the publication itself (if you intend to buy it you will be psychologically prepared to read that material). My intention is not to create a sanitized version of such events which do happen to so many people, however, since blogs are a public forum some boundaries need to be set for those who aren’t ready for such atrocities. The focus will be on healing and transforming such trauma into something life affirming which will, hopefully, encourage anyone who reads this to face their own demons even if they are not related to any severe forms of abuse.

I have also started this blog as a means by which I can stay motivated with this project which has been a long time coming…the initial version was written about fifteen years ago but not long after that there were more memories, flashbacks, nightmares etc., – these revelations made the first draft look like a work of fiction.

I hope you will join me on this journey where I will also be posting on other topics that I find interesting.

Happy Healing!