I am reposting an article I wrote two years ago this month right before my 50th birthday. I could feel it in me waters that some serious warrior action was going to soon be needed. This is in reference to the tyranny that was foisted upon humanity from March 2020. I dedicate this post to all the women who displayed Alpha qualities in the last two years, including myself. In my world at least, it was primarily the women who saw the truth and did something about it. Maybe it has something to do with our XX chromosomes

Many people have heard the term “Alpha Male” – it was originally used to describe the leading, or dominant role of a male social animal (e.g. gorillas). There are also Alpha Females in some of these groups. Sometimes there are both Male and Female Alphas in one group – they are known as the Alpha Pair.

The Alpha Male is now associated with human males who exhibit similar qualities as the animal alphas. Interestingly enough, the Alpha Female has rarely been extended to human females even though there are many women who carry out this role in the world – this is because it threatens the established order. The time has arrived for the destruction of said order. 

An Alpha Male stands up for what is right, defends himself and anyone else that needs defending by any means necessary – he is considered a hero. An Alpha Female, however, is mostly vilified for confronting scumbags in the manner in which they deserve. This denigration comes from cowardly, envious and wicked people – the Alpha Female is their nemesis.***

Only other Alphas and those who are grateful for the purpose of Alphas on this planet, have the capacity to understand and accept them.

I Am An Alpha Female.

Forever And Ever.



***In Greek mythology the goddess, Nemesis, is the agent of divine punishment for wrongdoing (from “nemein”: to give what is due).