The title of this post is a fairly well-known saying that describes me to a T. I have utterly shocked the shit out of people who thought I was a doormat, or believed they could manipulate me like a marionette. Why? Because they equate weakness with the following qualities: compassion, fairness, sensitivity, nurturance, support, love, generosity.

More often than not, it is the people that do not embody these qualities who assume that they can take advantage of people that do embody them. They think they’re smart, but they are fools. They believe the kind ones are fools because such people are not like them. It must therefore be impossible to see through the ones that are taking advantage of them, but no… They often believe that such goodness will lead to a bottomless pit of forgiveness, so that they may keep pulling their crapola to infinity and beyond. Uhhh…no.

Fiery, feisty, sassy, strong-willed, aggressive, courageous, righteous, bold, spirited: all words that describe me to T.

How you like me now?