Well, Freedom isn’t my middle name and I don’t actually want one since my full name is long enough on its own. However, the idiom – “X is my middle name” – has a symbolic meaning that I would like to explore further in this post. I will begin with the following definition:

To be a trait that one readily displays or possesses a great amount of, or a thing that one considers to be closely associated with oneself. Often used humorously or ironically.

Freedom is a trait that I do possess. This state of being is known by many names as evidenced by the synonyms listed below:

Embodying Freedom does not mean doing whatever I want without considering the consequences of my actions. It is primarily about not being interfered with by outside forces when it comes to who I am and how I live my life. Freedom encompasses living an authentic life. I do this by avoiding false compromises in order to please others, fit in, establish financial security, or whatever…

Freedom is also something that cannot be bestowed upon me by anyone else – it is something that comes from within. This is epitomized by the first synonym for Freedom above – autonomy: from the Greek “autonomia” meaning, “someone/thing that makes its own laws” (auto = self; nomos = law). 

In the past couple of years, the interference with my – and most people’s – Freedom, by those who rule the world, has highlighted its importance in my own life. I believe it has done the same for many people who may never have thought about it before. Some, if not many, individuals will now choose to (symbolically) take on Freedom as their middle name. This will lead to their taking actions that will ultimately create a whole new world. I look forward to at least seeing the beginning of this new, free world in my own lifetime.


Here are a few songs that may inspire you:

This song will send shivers down your spine! (FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM!) – YouTube

Payday Monsanto ft. Ampkilla – Revolution – YouTube

LUKAS LION – 1984 – YouTube