Modern day astrology uses the Latin (Roman; the Romans being crypto-Jews) labels for the majority of the heavenly bodies that were taken from the original Greek (Hellenic) names (the only exception is “Earth”, which originated from an English/German word that means “ground”).

  • SunHelios – Ήλιος from the Greek word for sun: “ήλιος” (Sun God)
  • Moon: Selene – Σελήνη (Sister of Helios)
  • Earth: Gaea – from Ge (Γη) for land or earth in Greek (Goddess of Earth)
  • MercuryHermes – Ερμής (God of Communication – Messenger of the Gods)
  • Mars: Ares – Άρης (God of War)
  • Venus: Aphrodite – Αφροδίτη (Goddess of Love and Beauty)
  • Jupiter: Zeus – ο Δίας (King of Gods – son of Kronos)
  • Saturn: Kronos – Χρόνος from the Greek word for time: “χρόνος” (God of Time)
  • Uranus: this is similar to the Greek name except that it would be “Ouranos”: Ουρανός – Greek for “sky” (God of the Sky)
  • NeptunePoseidon – Ποσειδώνας (God of the Sea)
  • PlutoHades – ‘Αδης (God of the Underworld: Pluto is no longer considered a planet but a “dwarf planet.”)