“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” ~ St. Augustine

I thought I would have much to say in this article but now that I sit to write it, I realize just how simple it all is, really…

Wisdom takes time to acquire – a lifetime and then some. You may be able to pass on some sage words to whomever is beside you on your deathbed, but if a miracle was to suddenly occur, and you were able to live a few more years, you would still have more to learn – it’s just the way it is. The time it takes to develop wisdom is how patience is inextricably linked to it – they are twin aspects of life, two sides of the same coin.

Of course, time is not the only requirement for the development of wisdom – you must be able to think things through, learn from your experiences and mistakes, and above all, develop compassion for yourself as you navigate the challenges in your life. However, all of these aspects still need time to be mastered, so you are right back where you started when it comes to the match made in heaven between patience and wisdom.

“All we need is just a little patience, patience…” ~ Guns and Roses “Patience