I have had some requests from people wanting to know how my book DIY Therapy Chart works to help them with their emotional problems. There is an explanation provided on the page that is hyperlinked above. For a more in depth explanation, I have decided to share a portion of the book that explains how to set up the whole thing so that it is easily used to access the relevant information. At some point in the future, I may turn this book into a DIY Therapy Kit with all of the relevant bits and bobs ready to go…

DIY Therapy Chart: an Emotional Healing Guide is an extension of my first book DIY Therapy: Simple Self-help Skills. In the initial publication, I explain healing as the process of changing negative experiences, thoughts and feelings into something positive, or life affirming. In this guidebook, I focus on the transformation of common negative emotions by teaching how to process and make sense of these feelings, which then paves the way for positive emotional states.

Emotions, however, do not exist in a vacuum – they are inextricably linked to thoughts as one can trigger the other. For example, when thinking about the end of a relationship that meant much to you, feelings of sadness and sorrow may surface. Or you hear a song that is about the loss of a pet and start crying not understanding why because you have never lost a pet. Through the tears you begin to think about the individual you lost and realize the connection. Thoughts and emotions also affect behavior. Sadness will usually result in withdrawal from life as you need the space and time to feel your pain. In other words, what you think, feel and do is interrelated…so when you are using this guide to transform your emotions you will also be changing your thoughts and behavior.

The main therapeutic tool is the DIY Therapy Chart. It has three levels representing each aspect of an individual – Mind, Body and Soul – with negative/red and positive/green emotions listed at each level (refer to THREE DIMENSIONAL HEALING for more information). The aim is to figure out where you are emotionally on the red side before turning to the green side to see how to transform that emotion (go to CHART DESIGN for an explanation of the Chart layout). If looking at the Chart is too confusing, then create a deck of cards to access the relevant word(s) – this is explained in the section DIY THERAPY CHART CARDS.

The method used along with the Chart to aid the healing process is the Three-point Therapy Technique (T3) ™. It is the framework from within which you can see the positive aspect of a painful feeling, specifically Point 2 – Meaning. This involves finding meaning, a lesson or purpose in a negative emotion. Taking the example from the second paragraph, the purpose of the GRIEF in relation to the loss of that relationship is to bring about JOY.

To assist you further, I have included a NATURAL REMEDIES TABLE after the Chart listing aromatherapy oils and Bach flower essences which help to alleviate negative emotions as well as enhancing positive ones.

Below is a step-by-step guide to understanding, setting up and using the DIY Therapy Chart:

1/   Read through the entire book.

2/   Refer to the Chart and create the card decks (refer to DIY THERAPY CHART CARDS).

3/   Determine the issue, or problem you would like to heal.

4/   Re-read the THREE-POINT THERAPY TECHNIQUE (T3) ™ and EXAMPLES to recall the process of how to feel better using this guide. (Eventually, this will not be necessary.)

5/   Choose a method from WORD CHOICE METHODS, or ALTERNATIVE CARD USES – T3™ is not relevant for the latter.

6/   Refer to the red Chart words, or card decks to pick a negative emotion for POINT 1: CAUSE – look up the definition in the “Table of Contents.”

7/   Refer to green Chart words or card decks to choose a positive emotion for POINT 2: MEANING – look up the definition.

8/   Go to EMOTIONAL RELEASING AND REINFORCING TECHNIQUES in order to complete POINT 3: RELEASE (to find specific emotions refer to “Table of Contents”).

9/   If you would like additional help to alleviate the negative emotions and to reinforce the positive ones, go to the NATURAL REMEDIES TABLE.

10/ Repeat steps 3/ through 9/ for each issue, or steps 6/ to 8/ or 9/ for every negative emotion.

Happy Healing!

Helen Papadopoulos