It has been brought to my attention that many people are experiencing varying levels of grief based on the events of the last two to three years. When you understand what is happening on a Cosmic level, it is not just the machinations of the vile ones who run the world that are causing all of the losses that we are experiencing: anything that is not based on integrity, or that we have outgrown, is going to disintegrate (e.g. beliefs, relationships, jobs, businesses, etc). Before any rebuilding can happen, the rubble of the past has to be cleared away, and in this case, I am referring to psychological debris.

Last year, I offered the entire chapter about grief from one of my self-help books for free on my blog, here. In this post, I will include the questions/exercises that go with that particular chapter from the workbook: DIY Therapy: Assessment Tasks. You may work through these tasks after reading that chapter on the blog. This may help you to navigate your pain.

Here are the tasks for the therapeutic chapter: Good Grief.

  1. How would you define grief?
  2. How has grief affected you? (Describe at least one experience.)
  3. Describe the connection between grief and self-transformation? How is it related to transformational healing? 
  4. Describe (briefly) the three principles of my grief theory.
  5. T3™ relates to one of the three principles. Which one?
  6. How do you express your emotions when grieving?
  7. Recall a period of grief in your life. Outline how you experienced this loss in relation to each of the principles. If you cannot do this for yourself, interview a friend, relative, neighbor, or colleague about her/his experience.

P.S. Always remember that you do not have to take any advice from another source: it doesn’t matter whether it is from a friend, relative, ‘professional’, book, article, YT video, lecture, paid, or unpaid. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life: you have free will.