Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you

God (The King) = Jesus Christ = The Sun

The Kingdom = The Solar System (The Zodiac Wheel)

The Sun (Jesus/King) rules the Solar System (Kingdom). All of the heavenly bodies that make up the system exist within you, symbolically speaking.

Here is an excerpt from my first article about the Bible which explains Jesus and Christianity in greater detail:

“The New Testament revolves around Jesus Christ the Son of (Sun) God. Jesus Christ is Greek for “Savior” (Ιησοûς/Jesus) and “Light” (Χριστóς/Christ). 

Jesus Christ is a poetic name for the Sun. The Sun is the Saving Light that rises every day to ensure life on Earth. There is no greater power than the Sun. Christians are Sun worshippers – this is why they worship on SUNday.

There is no life on Earth without the Sun, therefore no place for Saturn to rule, or even exist because the solar system would evaporate without the Sun. (“Sol” is Latin for sun; sol is also the root of the word for “soul” – the soul is the source of life within individuals: their essence. The Greek word for soul – psyche – ties into what I said earlier about occulted knowledge having a direct impact on people’s psych(e)ology. The Sun is at the center of it all.)” 

You Are The King, Or Queen, As The Case May Be.

The soul is the source of individual life. Its essence is light which ties it to the Sun – the Source of life for the entire planet. The sovereignty of the Sun in the heavens is equivalent to your own – you rule yourself. You do not need this verified via the written, or the spoken word. You are a creation of the Creator which automatically gives you the right to self-governance.

You also have a crown – it is at the top of your head. When you are born it is the first part of you that sees the light of day, provided that your birth is a typical one. This is why it is called “crowning” when the baby’s head first appears during labor. The Creator made sure that the physical part of you which represents sovereignty, is the first thing that enters this world on your arrival – it’s absolutely Divine.