John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The name “Jesus Christ” is the English translation from the Greek meaning the “Saving Light” – it is a poetic/symbolic name for the Sun. (I do not take the Bible literally – for greater detail, please read the following article: Judgment Day & The Aquarian Age.) There is no way that a human being – man or woman – could be the Light of Life: The Source of Creation.

On the earthly plane, the Sun sustains life. If it were to disintegrate tomorrow there would be no form of occult/religious, or scientific knowledge that would save anyone. (Those who argue that the spirit is eternal, are ignoring the reality of life on planet Earth – the physical world. If you are a non-physical entity in this world, you are a ghost.)

The Sun Is Necessary For Physical Life

The Sun is our source of energy – other names for energy: light, power and electricity. The Sun is one humongous ball of electricity.

It is very easy to find information online these days about the necessity of the Sun in the physical world or Nature – photosynthesis is a good place to start. In relation to the body there is the importance of the role of Vitamin D which has recently been reclassified as a hormone (or, a group of hormones) – a chemical substance responsible for many physiological processes in the body. Certain foods contain some Vitamin D (eggs, for example) but the best source is the Sun because we are designed to absorb it through the skin, eyes and the crown of the head. Our bodies are made up mostly of water which just happens to be the best conductor of electricity, or metabolizer of light. 

Sunlight contains all the colors of the spectrum and these colors are connected to our chakras – the energy centers of the body. The main one in connection to the Sun is the solar plexus as it is named after the Sun (sol” is Latin for Sun) and it is yellow like the Sun – the area around the belly button which encompasses the digestive system. How we digest, metabolize and store nutrients from food is regulated by Sun Light.

The Sun’s Connection To Our Psychology

The prolonged absence of sunlight affects our psychological well-being – depression is the most common outcome and is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The solar plexus is also the center of power in the body – it is where the life force enters and exits when we are drained of our life force (e.g. inadequate nutrition, being abused, death). The digestive system (solar plexus) is also known as the “second brain” – what we eat, stress and other factors that negatively affect digestion are linked to the health of our psychology.

In relation to abuse (sexual, in my case), I have first hand experience of the reclaiming of my power/life force via the solar plexus during a therapy session (these experiences continued when I started dealing with these incidences on my own). I will include an excerpt from my autobiography below to demonstrate what this felt like at that time (if you do not want to read it, skip the paragraph in blue): 

As soon as I did this, I felt what I can only describe as a gust of wind entering my solar plexus region – this is the area around the belly button which is also the center of power in the body. I began crying uncontrollably…for the first time in months I was able to feel something other than anxiety. That ‘wind’ was a fragment of my energy, my power, my soul that had been taken during that experience. In other words, during sexual abuse the perpetrator takes a portion of the soul of the victim – it’s not just about remaining stuck in the past from a psychological perspective. Until I literally took my power back, I could not heal because it was impossible for me to be able to feel all of my emotions and think my thoughts since I was so scattered energetically. This was the first of many pieces of me stolen by several perpetrators which I had to reclaim in order to become a whole person again.

I mention the “soul” in the above paragraph and this, too, is related to the Sun/solar plexus – “sol” being the root of the word for “soul”.

Many years after this experience, I undertook a course of study in alchemy. One of the exercises I had to undergo involved closing my eyes and asking myself the question, “Where am I?” I was supposed to wait for some kind of intuitive response – within seconds I “looked” down at my solar plexus with my eyes still closed and heard the following words in my mind: “I am here.” As far as I am concerned, the solar plexus is where the soul resides in the body.

The Sun Is The Saving Light

I attribute the Sun to once saving my life when I was extremely suicidal at the age of seventeen. In my opinion, it is a testament to its power and the need for it in life. I will, once again, include an excerpt from my book describing this event:

When I walked out of that community center the sunshine bathed my face and body which instantly made me feel better – it was like being touched by the Source, healed by the warmth and glow of the sun. Even though I did not believe in God back then, on some level I knew it was something profoundly loving and nurturing that lifted my spirits.

The Sun/Jesus Christ As The Great Healer

There are many instances in the Bible where Jesus heals and saves – sometimes it is psychological issues and in other instances, physical ailments. As previously mentioned, it helps with depression and it did once prevent me from committing suicide. People heal skin conditions via sun exposure. Then there’s Vitamin D which is necessary for vital physiological phenomena that maintain health. 

All Hail Jesus!