Thou Shalt Not Lie About The True Origin Of The Ten Commandments…

Even though the Ten Commandments are included in the supposed Hebrew part of the Bible – the Old Testament – their origin is Greek. The stone tablets upon which they were allegedly written came from Freemasonry which, is also, of Greek origin. I discussed this in a previous article, In The Beginning Was The Word, but I will include the relevant excerpts from it below for your convenience (the page numbers are related to the book, The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry from within which this information was sourced):

The two cement tablets that were acquired by Moses containing the ten commandments, originates with the Masonic “Petroma” (petra – πέτρα: stone): two cemented stones that constituted the Holy Book for the Ancient Greek Masons (pp.107-8).

The story of Moses is also derived from Greek myth:

The story of Moses and the staff that turned into a snake, originates from the same story that was carried out by the Greek God, Dionysos. The same rod that was used to part the sea in the Moses myth, was used in the original myth by Dionysos to part two rivers: Orontes and Hydrastes. In this story, the waters receded so that he alone could walk on dry land (p. 38).

The Ten Commandments, as they are stated in the Bible, do not accurately reflect what would have been in the original Holy Book of the Ancient Greek Masons. Commandments such as, “You shall have no other Gods before me” and “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” have nothing to do with Greek Masonry. Moral commandments related to not stealing, killing, being adulterous, and lying (giving false testimony), were probably included in the original Holy Book/Petroma because morality was very important to the proto-Masons.

Freemasonry in its original state, had two aspects: the first revolved around architectural knowledge, known as, “Operative Masonry”; the second, was the moral, or philosophical aspect, known as, “Speculative Masonry”.

Freemasonry, the Bible, the alphabet, Gematria (which is embedded in Biblical text), are all of Greek origin and they were all hijacked by Jewish aristocrats (who were Egyptian royalty in the very beginning, the descendants of whom still rule the world today). Even if you believe that these commandments were handed down to them by their God, they do not adhere to them. Lying, stealing and murder are things these people have actively practiced for thousands of years.

The Jews stole, and proceeded to butcher, the Bible (i.e. Christianity) in order to turn it into a weapon of mass mind control for their own aggrandizement.