This blog post is not my first foray into expressing unpopular assertions about the ego (most of my assertions are unpopular but I will continue to express them, regardless). I have written an article that focuses on the need for it in the physical world (you may read it here). I elaborate on the non-physical aspects of the ego – the mind, identity/personality – in this video.

In recent years, I have expanded my concept of the ego (the word that literally means “I” in Greek) to include the spiritual realms. The ego exists beyond the physical via its non-physical aspects: identity and free (individual) will (thinking and decision-making which precedes action).

What’s In A Name?

Names are evidence of identity. Names have meanings, vibrations even, when you understand numerology (letters are numbers), and they do influence the personality of an individual. Non-physical entities (spirit guides, angels etc.) have their own personalities – egos – and purposes in the cosmos. Their names are an indication of who they are and what they do. And yes, they can have egos and still be loving beings. Identity does not obliterate the capacity to love. Being loving also does not equate with being passive, or soft spoken. Some entities are fierce because that is needed in the cosmos considering the fact the there are malevolent incorporeal beings, too. Archangel Michael epitomizes this fierceness – that sword he wields is not just for show. 

Bodiless Beings Have Free Will.

When spiritual helpers are called upon for assistance, it is not for individuals to tell them how they are to assist them. People may ask for what they want help with but not how it will arrive. Sometimes it will come from an entity that was not called upon but was a better choice for the help that was requested – this is proof of free will. They decide what they think is right for those who seek assistance. Furthermore, they can and do intervene even when they are not asked for help. If people are experiencing some type of psychological, or physical crisis they do not need to seek their permission. This is comparable to the way in which a person may assist someone lying unconscious on the ground, or about to jump off a bridge. Bodiless beings exist independently of each other and human beings, just like a human being exists independently of others and has his/her own free will. 

Ego Beyond Death.

After my father died, I attended a talk by a medium about the nature of death – what it can and cannot do. She stated that when people die they take their personalities, issues, addictions etc., with them. They do not automatically lose their ego (identity), heal issues, or ‘ascend’ when they leave their bodies (there is no guarantee that they will evolve in the spiritual realms but even if they do, the ego remains). I once thought of this as the soul – that which lives beyond the body – but it too, is an Individual entity with its own Identity. She equated the ego with the soul: individual consciousness. I agree with her. (This refreshingly, straight-talking woman went on to chastise those who claim that they have transcended their ego in the flesh when it cannot even be done in death. The following is a paraphrased version of what she said: Those who claim that they have transcended their ego are actually coming from ‘ego’ – the very thing they believe they have eliminated. They cannot get away from themselves, not even in death.)

Ego: wherever it is, there you are; incarnate, or discarnate, you cannot escape yourself.