When it comes to music, I have been stuck in the ’80s and ’90s. Those were the decades when I did most of my partying…memories… Thanks to my niece, I have been introduced to some new songs. This music has inspired me to continue to rock the world by exposing so many ugly truths, despite the backlash.

Sidenote: To all of the Law of Attraction junkies out there…the ‘backlash’ I receive has nothing to do with me ‘attracting negativity’ because I need to heal my shadow, or some such nonsense. This is how those of us who speak truths that expose the ruling scum of the Earth, are discredited. The truth is, THEIR shadows are being brought to light which, of course, they, and their flying monkeys, will rail against.

Below, I have listed some of these inspirational songs, both past and present: you may find them uplifting, too.

Genius (One genius deserves another.)

Parasite Eve (On the true purpose of the scamdemic.)

Revolution (We are in the midst of the Revolution to end all Revolutions.)

St. Anger (When the time arrives to kick some ass.)

Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? (Can you put a price on peace?)