I cannot take credit for the title of this blog post. It was quoted by a man in his YouTube video after discovering it as a comment on one of his other videos (you can hear it here at around the 8:34 mark). This is in relation to the state of the world as it has been for the majority of 2020 all brought about by the manufactured ‘health crisis’. The person who made this comment is self-possessed, self-empowered and well-informed about what is really going on in the world. S/he will not succumb to the shaming and bullying tactics used by the automatons that have bought into the biggest con job of all time.

 I realized after I heard this statement that it is vital for me – and others like me who have not bought the con – to stick with like-minded people for our mental health. We need to gather with those who “get it” and let everyone else fall along with the rest of the world that will follow the dictates of those who rule it. This is not about disagreeing on insignificant day-to-day stuff anymore – it is about freedom vs slavery and freedom vs death (I don’t mean the fake-fear-of-death-by-flu peddled by the media).

This division in humanity is something I sensed coming years ago – I could feel it in me waters. It began when I wrote my last yearly HealThyself Oracle blog for 2017. The primary message was about individuals going their own way in order to heal. There was a division between those that had already done this and those that still had to do it. I had the feeling that time was running out for those who were not yet doing any kind of inner work. Looking back on it now after all that has happened in recent years, it seems to be a division between those that know what is really going on in the world, and those that do not know (and, usually, do not want to know).

Two years later, I began studying the Bible. I understood that the division that is described in it, primarily around the theme of Judgment Day in the New Testament, is absolutely necessary for a new world to begin. Not the New World that the rulers want but the humanitarian one that is now due to be birthed. (I wrote about it here.)

This blog post is meant as a source of support for those of you who are awake and doing the best you can to remain free. Those who attack you for not being subjected to unlawful (unconstitutional) directives/orders, are afraid to face their own disgust with themselves for being so cowardly. Only self-aware individuals would be in the position to understand their true motives and this goes back to what I said in the Oracle blog post I wrote a few years ago about doing inner work: those who are not aware of their own darker aspects, the lies they tell themselves, will never be aware of the lies they are being told by others, no matter where those lies are coming from in the world. Instead of facing their own cowardice and willingness to be subjugated (the masks are a very real symbol of subjugation – “Keep your mouths shut you worthless peons” – that’s the message they’re sending you), they vilify those who will not allow themselves to be treated in such a manner. It’s time for them to take responsibility for themselves.

Keep standing up for yourselves – take legal action if necessary. I’m preaching to the choir, I know…

For more on how to empower yourselves during this time and well beyond it, scroll down to PART TWO of the following article: Reclaim Your Power.


P.S. Regarding the wearing of masks/face coverings…I have heard that the true purpose of this is to fine-tune the new surveillance technology that is being rolled out all over the world. This requires a significant amount of time to get right. They want the facial recognition technology to be able to identify people accurately even if they are disguised. And for those who think this is some crazy conspiracy theory, ask yourself why construction work and technological upgrades have continued during lockdowns, in particular where curfews are in place because the work is carried out overnight. What do you think they are building/installing/setting up?