“The true self is non-local. It is nowhere and now here at the same time.”

If the ‘true self’ is nowhere, then it does not exist. For anyone, or anything to exist it must be somewhere – here, there… “Nowhere” and “here” are mutually exclusive – that is, they cannot both be true at the same time. Furthermore, the division of the word “nowhere” to “now here” instead of its true division “no where” (no place), demonstrates the shady, linguistic gymnastics undertaken by those who invent these ‘memes’. Nonsensical quotes like this one abound in New Ageism. 

A rational individual cannot get through to someone “strung out” on this type of muddled, mystical malarkey. The illogical nature of this language is designed to scramble the mind – it has a similar effect as the use of drugs. This disconnect from rationality (mindlessness) masquerades as ‘enlightenment’ in the ‘movement’. What it is really masking is a form of mind control (aka brainwashing).

Welcome to the Cult of New Ageism. If you drank the Ayahuasca (the New Age drug of choice) at any point after entering this domain of claptrap spirituality, unfortunately, it is too late for you.

If you are as yet undecided about whether or not to drink this mind-scrambling brew, ask yourself how much you value your ability to THINK. Do you value it beyond the acceptance of membership into a group that professes false love for you, and proffers false light (knowledge), as all cults do?