This article is divided into two parts: the first, relates to the reclaiming of personal power from abusers experienced in one-on-one situations; the second, relates to people reclaiming their power from the vile ones who rule this world.


For those who have been victimized, the reclaiming of their power is vital for healing and the ability to assert themselves when anyone else tries to re-victimize them. Through my own healing experiences, I discovered that this is a visceral thing – it can be felt physically and emotionally once they have literally taken back their power/energy. I will include the excerpt from my autobiography below this paragraph that describes the first time I felt my life force return to me. Underneath this excerpt will be another excerpt from one of my self-help books outlining other ways that this can be accomplished.

Trigger warning: non-graphic references to sexual abuse.

“After an initial catch up on what the last several years had been like for me, we went into the reframing of one of the horrific rapes by PP (code name for one of the perpetrators). She commanded that I push him off me not only in my imagination but also with my hands. That is, I was simultaneously pushing him off me in my mind and with my hands in the physical world – it was like something from a ‘virtual reality’ experience where I was feeling what was occurring physically as it happened mentally. As soon as I did this, I felt what I can only describe as a gust of wind entering my solar plexus region – this is the area around the belly button which is also the center of power in the body. I began crying uncontrollably…for the first time in months I was able to feel something other than anxiety. That ‘wind’ was a fragment of my energy, my power, my soul that had been taken during that experience. In other words, during sexual abuse the perpetrator takes a portion of the soul of the victim – it’s not just about remaining stuck in the past from a psychological perspective. Until I literally took my power back, I could not heal because it was impossible for me to be able to feel all of my emotions and think my thoughts since I was so scattered energetically. This was the first of many pieces of me stolen by several perpetrators which I had to reclaim in order to become a whole person again.”

(Phoenix Rising: Healing from Sexual Abuse through Spirituality)

Attempt the following in therapy initially then when you are strong enough, do so in your own time. You should feel more empowered or energized after these experiences even if at first you are emotional.

• Write letters to your abusers and burn them (send them if you need to but make sure that no harm will come to you or anyone else in the process). Be as honest and as brutal as you need to be – it is the least you can do to them and the most you can do for yourself.

• Make believe you are confronting them in your mind (via visualization) or in a role playing exercise where someone has taken on their persona or you are talking to an empty chair imagining them sitting in it.

• Confront them in person. This needs much preparation beforehand between yourself and a therapist. Then you will need support during and after the event. Be prepared for them to deny any wrongdoing. It will hurt when it happens even though you may go in expecting to be disappointed – this is why you need ongoing support.”

(DIY Therapy: Trauma)


In this part, I will outline what can be done to begin the process of ending the abuse of the ruling class over the masses. What most people fail to realize is how much power they have simply in terms of their numbers. Beyond that, the beast system exists because of their (and their ancestors) contributions. The time has arrived for them to take back their resources (time, labor, creativity, wisdom, knowledge, health, money, property) and use them to build a new structure – a new world – based on humanitarian principles.

In my article, The Real New Age I stated that the upcoming New Age Revolution will be individualized. What is required is a removal of people’s life force – their power – one individual at a time, as far as is possible from the system that the rulers set up to serve them. Their power was taken via forceful, or deceptive means, primarily the latter – thousands of years of lying, cheating and stealing. 

Trigger warning: persistent exposure of fraudulent and exploitative aspects of the system that some may hold near and dear to them.

  1. Avoid the mainstream media: it is a 24/7 propaganda machine. It’s the most effective way to spread their lies. These lies are intertwined with plenty of fearmongering. People’s time would be better spent doing their own research in order to discover the truth.
  2. Government = Control: its purpose is hidden in the meaning of the word itself: from the Latin “gubernare” to control and “ment” mind: “to control the mind.” It exists as the middleman between those who actually run things and the masses (i.e. it does the dirty work of the rulers). So, it does not exist to serve the people – if it did, some form of the word “serve” would be in its name. (Recently, I discovered that certain orders issued by Governors in the USA – in relation to the pan-fake-demic – were ruled as null and void by several Courts. I learned about this here. The mainstream media is not reporting any of this but the information is available online. This means that people may elect to sue their Government if they are harassed into complying with illegal orders, directives and whatnot. This applies to people (including business owners) outside of the USA, too – speaking to a lawyer in their own countries will help them understand what is really going on here. I have already heard about class action lawsuits being filed in certain parts of the Western world.)
  3. Voting is a joke: individuals living in countries where voting is optional, are better off taking the option to either have a bubble bath, or go to their favorite restaurant for a decent meal. Those who live in countries where the vote is compulsory, are better off voting for one of the independent candidates that stands for something they support. They will never win but neither do either of the other two heads of the main parties. Voting is supposed to give people the illusion that they have a choice and a voice. However, leaders are always selected by those in power – members of their own aristocratic families that rule the world, from both sides of the political spectrum no matter what the color of their skin. It’s all rigged, folks. (For more on this, go here.)
  4. Avoid debt: usury (the charging of interest on loans – not excessive interest but any amount of interest) only exists to benefit the rulers. The current push to get everyone to use credit cards to make purchases online, or in stores, is a way for them to get rid of cash. The use of cards will also make it easier to track people’s financial transactions and whereabouts. (At this point, I will also suggest that people abstain from downloading the contact tracing apps to their phones that the rulers are trying to get people to do using the pan-fake-demic as the excuse.) If they are successful at getting rid of cash, I recommend people develop their own mode of exchange via bartering
  5. Avoid digital currency: this is simply a newer version of the stock market that was, from its inception, another way to fleece the masses. (For more detail, read this article.)
  6. Support small businesses: Main Street businesses need as much support as is possible so that they can not only survive the deliberate hole they’ve been recently placed into, but continue to prosper in the future. They all had to shut down during the pan-fake-demic while conglomerates were allowed to get on with business as usual (not one cent of the trillions hijacked by the rulers went to these businesses – for more, read this article). If local businesses are still accepting cash, pay that way. Small business provides employment for the community and allows for financial independence, or security for those who seek it. The main reason that so much pressure has been placed on small business owners in recent months is to obliterate the middle class. 
  7. Avoid the medical industry: allopathic medicine is about treating symptoms, not healing. Yes, this is necessary, especially during trauma care. However, since it is not about healing, people usually need to keep taking the drugs, or being subjected to invasive medical procedures that may help them survive but not thrive. Most of these treatments cause other health issues that then need further medical intervention. In fact, that is the point of this system as it is a huge money-maker. If people got well, or never got seriously sick in the first place, the entire keep-people-sick-medical-system would collapse – more on this here. The shut down of hospitals and limited access to doctors in recent months led many people toward holistic, natural alternatives to improve their health. The revolution has already begun in relation to healthcare. 
  8. Avoid eating plant-based slop: the push toward veganism is all about making people sick, infertile and dead – it has nothing to do with saving the planet (more on this in the following article). The “Beyond Meat Burger” that is supposed to replace meat, is nothing but poison wrapped in plastic. The ‘philanthropist’ (lover of people) responsible for this poison wants to depopulate the planet – think about that for a moment. (He is also the one responsible for the inoculations the rulers are about to try to force on everyone: remember, his goal is depopulation.) The plant-based (mostly grain-based) food pyramid that was introduced in the West during the 1970’s, was designed to make people sick. Many diseases skyrocketed after its introduction: obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart problems, stroke and psychiatric disorders. Pharmaceuticals were – and still are – used to treat these illnesses. They treat symptoms that would be greatly alleviated if the diet was changed. The rulers don’t want a healthy populace – what they want is diametrically opposed to what is best for humanity.

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