When THE Archangel (Messenger) Of Truth Tells You To Keep it Real, You Must Be Doing Something Right.

Recently, I was reminded of a dream I had about four years ago when Archangel Michael appeared to me for the first time ever. I did not ask for his help specifically, but I was in great turmoil over getting my autobiographical book published. I was being criticized by many for keeping it really real – it is about the sexual abuse I endured for the majority of my childhood, and, how I healed (and continue to heal) from it. 

In this dream, I was lying on my right side in bed. I felt a gentle tap on my left shoulder, turning to find Archangel Michael in all his luminescent glory. He said the following words to me in a very stern voice: “You are not to change your book. Do you understand?” My response: “Yes, I understand.” He smiled then disappeared. 

When I awoke the next morning, I was still lying in the same position as I had been during that dream. Peace overcame me and I went ahead with what I had to do. The Archangel’s unwavering support of my work at that time, ended the tension caused by the haters – and yes, they were all haters, haters of truth – and put me in a position to get on with my life’s mission.

Some of you may believe that this was an aspect of my subconscious communicating with me in order to end the stress related to my dilemma. That’s a reasonable assumption to make, but, I do not agree with it – it seemed like Divine Intervention to me.

Mama: Earth Angel

During this period of time, my mother had been telling me for months to keep the book as it is. However, I considered her advice biased since she is my mama and has an innate urge to love and support me. Her counsel has not always been in my best interests but it was in this instance. I am grateful for her presence in my life. She is my best Earthly Messenger, that’s for sure.

Keeping It Real Is The Only Way To Heal Yourself And Others 

When my book was published in 2013, I started sharing excerpts from it on Facebook and people started to buy it. Those who had endured the same type of trauma, told me that it was my brutal honesty that helped them the most – it triggered whatever still needed healing within them. It also showed them that they are not alone and that it is possible to thrive after this type of horror without doing what the haters are telling them to do (e.g. “get over it”; “you have to forgive your abuser”; “don’t talk about it”; “don’t get angry”, or some such bollocks).

A Message To The Haters Because I Know You’re Reading This…You Can’t Help It, Can You?

The haters from four years ago are not the only ones that I will be addressing in this message. I have met the majority of you, primarily through cyberspace. Some I have only briefly crossed paths with after liking, or subbing to some of your internet platforms (but I have long since left them). You have either stolen my work/ideas, criticized me for being too aggressive, or spoken some other type of smack about me because I do not fit into your idea of what it is to be ‘spiritual’ – you are a mixed bag of wannabes: astrologers; readers; healers; ‘spirit channels’; conspiracy theorists… 

You stop by my website, or social networks, to get a glimpse of what I have to say next before you pilfer, or bitch about it, if you do not like the truth that is revealed. Not one of you has the guts to communicate with me directly, not unless it’s through some fake troll Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or email account…I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Do you not recognize your own duplicity? Do you think that repeatedly stating “love and light”, “namaste”, or, some other type of hollow New Age buzzword/phrase, that you will be absolved of your deceitfulness, or that this makes you ‘spiritual’? 

(Oops…I almost forgot to mention those of you who get your friends and associates to ‘friend’ or follow me, so that they can be your dirty, dirty spies…but we all know you’re all dirty, right? Is this the conduct of ‘spiritual’ people?)

Face it – y’all hate it when I destroy your beliefs with facts and logic because then you need to go back over everything you’ve peddled over the years that has, in most cases, earned you a lot of money, or popularity, and admit you were wrong. 

In Conclusion…

The truth is the truth is the truth even when it’s ugly and most people do not want to hear it. A messenger of truth has the right to choose how to deliver it – with a spoonful of sugar, or lemon juice – it’s still the truth (I prefer the lemon because it has nutritional value…but then how do you sugarcoat the issue of rape?). If you are like me, someone who will speak it regardless of the backlash, I have tremendous respect for you. Know that speaking the truth is not a character flaw, or a crime. The reactions of those who cannot handle it is proof of who THEY are. I am grateful for all of the Divine And Earthly Angels who have helped me in this life (I have mentioned only two of them in this article). They have taught me the following lessons (expressed as quotes):

“Truth allows no choice.” ~ Samuel Johnson

“Truth is not judged by how it makes people feel.” ~ John MacArthur

“You’ll be judged. Criticized. Ridiculed. Copied. Keep going.” ~ Anonymous

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” ~ Kurt Cobain