The title of this post is a topic that I have already dealt with in an article entitled, YOU Are The Authority On Your Life. In this post, I will expand upon this theme.

There are many systems of astrology, Tarot/Oracle cards and other forms of divination (e.g. runes, I Ching etc.). These things do not exist in a vaccuum since people had to create them. This means that they are influenced by the beliefs and intentions of those who created them. Also, the beliefs and perceptions of those who use them to do readings, will influence the readings. If they have ‘insider’ information about these people/situations, this will taint their analysis. If they have either positive, or negative feelings/thoughts towards the querents/subjects/clients, this too, will cloud the readings.

The use and interpretation of divinatory tools, is influenced by the energy (vibes) of the readers. So, whatever they choose to go with during a consultation – whether it be the interpretation of an aspect in astrology, or of a card/rune – it is their energy (self) that is deciphering what is in front of them.

When card readers shuffle and pick cards, they are the ones making the choices. Even if they get the client to pick them, the deck still has mostly their vibes infused within it. Those readers who allow the cards to fly out of the deck believing that this is the Hand of God at play, are fooling themselves. They either believe in their own individual energy field, or they do not: if their energy can ‘attract’ experiences involving other people from all over the world, how does it not have a direct and immediate effect on the stuff they touch, or interact with, on a regular basis? This is why some psychics use the personal items of people to glean information about them: they are saturated with their energy. (Some will argue that ‘cleansing’ the cards, etc., will make the readings more accurate but this only applies to the energy of previous clients, not the readers who are constantly using them. Similarly, the washing of clothes that are continuously worn by the same people, does not remove their energy from their clothing.)

For a divinatory analysis to be accurate/less biased, the diviners must know the bare minimum about the subjects of the readings (e.g. names, birthdates/times) and have neutral feelings/thoughts towards them. Since most forms of Divination have multiple interpretations, the diviner must guess the correct meaning for that situation at that point in time. The only ones that could determine if their interpretations are truthful, would be the querents themselves.

I no longer find any benefit from consulting readers – paid or unpaid – as none of them are accurate for me: have I ‘ascended’ beyond them, or can I now thoroughly see through their bullshit?