“One way of keeping your dreams alive is to keep it to yourself. It can save you and protect your dreams to a greater extent.” ~ Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign.

The core of the truth in the aforementioned quote requires that you remain silent about your dreams in order to preserve your power. Your dreams are an indication of your purpose in life which is of vital importance to your health and happiness. Life purpose is not just about fulfilling goals – it is the expression of your Soul, your Essence, your Self: Power Personified.

When you spread your power around (for example, when you give away too much about your dreams), it can drain you, just like a battery can be drained which then needs recharging. Sometimes resting and taking a vacation is not enough to ‘recharge’, because once given away, it can be difficult to reclaim. However, if you start over with new plans to reach those dreams – this time keeping mum about it – you will get your power back.

“Many critics are born of envy.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman

”Haters will see you walk on water and say it is because you can’t swim.”

If you do open up to the wrong people, you will need to contend with the criticisms of those who do not want you to succeed because they have tried and failed, usually having given up on their dreams. In my experience, many critics never tried to make manifest the deepest stirrings of their heart. They did not choose to take the risks associated with doing so. Instead of dealing with their own hang ups, they will attack those who have the guts to go for it. 

Then you have the hacks (parasites) – the ones who could not come up with anything interesting and unique, if their lives depended on it (cyberspace is crawling with them). Those pursuing their life purpose not only know who they are, they are creative too, which is inextricably linked to originality. Most hacks will not only condemn such people due to envy, they will steal their creativity because they are incapable of it. There is no course of study, magic potion, or mode of therapy that can make them creative and unique. They either have it or they do not have it, and so many that do not have it, rip off those that do have it. 

“If you have a friend who is always jealous of other people’s success, then waste no time in separating yourself from that person, because when your own success comes, you would become their biggest enemy.” ~ Edmond Mbiaka

“Success breeds fake friends and true enemies. Keep your circle tight.”

Sometimes, the only way to protect yourself is to remove yourself from the vicinity (online and offline) of those you may inadvertently open up to at some point in time. These people have already shown you that they are unscrupulous creatures (scumbags). Assert yourself: for more on what it REALLY takes to be assertive read, Assertiveness Revisited. When this ass-kicking mission has been accomplished, then you can get on with the epic task of making your dreams come true. As you undertake this task, remember to keep mum about it, unless of course, you are in the presence of decent people who will help you turn your dreams into reality.