I am re-sharing the contents of a short post I published last year in order to honor those who are currently resisting global tyranny. Before I do this, I want to say a little more…

In 2020, the lockdowns caused financial and psychological devastation to many people, some even died via suicide, or inadequate care in nursing homes and hospitals. In 2021, these issues have continued, but we now also have the intentional maiming and murder of the vaccinated – this is only going to get worse as time goes on. So, despite the warnings and protestations of people like me over the last couple of years, things have deteriorated. We, the crazy conspiracy theorists, were right all along now, weren’t we?

Here’s to the conspiracy theorists who were doing, and are still doing, the right thing:

To the wise, the just and the brave

Those that simply will not behave

Who will not comply like a good little slave

Those that will rage for what’s right ‘til the grave

I am with you until my dying day

So…the next time someone accuses you of  having anger, or rage issues, tell them they’re wrong – you actually have “injustice issues”. Any time any type of injustice registers on your radar, you will rail against it until it is rectified. If there were more people like you in existence, this world would be a far, far better place.


Here is some footage of protests happening around the world that you will NOT see in the mainstream media:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Protests the Media won’t cover ALL AROUND THE WORLD – YouTube