“…for the truth is the supreme, absolute, uncontrollable authority remains with the people.”

(The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), Quick and Garran annotated Constitution, p. 286; contained within the Preamble: 3. “The People”.)

In recent months, I have returned to my background in law in order to gauge the lawfulness of the orders that we’ve been subjected to during 2020…all UNlawful from the get-go. What the vast majority of people do not know is that Governors flapping their gums in the media, does not constitute law. It would behoove them to look into these things themselves – they do not need a law degree in order to do so.

My knowledge of law and my refusal to do what I’m told because so-and-so said so, made it easier for me not to comply with these orders even though I live in what was the most locked down part of the world in 2020: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (FYI, many Melburnians did not comply but this was not broadcast in the MSM. The one truthful thing the Whore of Babylon that is the mainstream media did report: 96% of bogus fines issued for violations of pan-fake-demic rules, have not been paid in Victoria.)

Protests will not change anything because they are the equivalent to people begging their abusers to stop abusing them…never…gonna…happen… People have the right to do this, of course, but it is only a symbol of non-compliance, or the assertion of human rights. The real protest is the refusal to go along with their bullshit on a daily basis.

By far, the worst part of this worldwide fraud, is the genocide they have already committed against The People by creating the conditions – via lockdowns – that killed so many of the elderly, those that needed life-saving procedures, and the psychologically frail who committed suicide. People – including children – have also died from hypoxia and respiratory infections due to the prolonged wearing of masks. They seek to cull the population even further with the measures they plan to roll out in the future.

Those responsible for this abomination rule this world. They also happen to be related – it’s the whole inbred aristocratic bloodline thing. They have developed ways of hiding who they are over the millennia but it is now being brought to light (for more info go here). Extinguishing their filthy hegemony involves The People reclaiming Their Sovereignty via the Constitution.

The Constitution

All laws must comply with the Constitution which IS Common Law (the Law of the Land; the Law of the Living Man or Woman) – if not, they are unlawful (null and void). If they are unlawful, they do not have to be obeyed.

All countries have a Constitution – written or unwritten. The Constitution does not give The People their rights – it acts as a reminder to ‘rulers’ across time and space that We are born with these God-given, inalienable rights. In other words, We are born Sovereign. They have blatantly disregarded this fact this year (they have been doing it for quite some time), in order to permanently enslave humanity. They consider themselves to be God’s representatives on Earth (the self-appointed-chosen-ones), and so believe they can do as they please with impunity.

It is now time for The People to hold the self-appointed-chosen-ones accountable for the crimes they have committed against Them.

Natural Law Rules

Natural Law (AKA Common Law & Karma) holds everyone accountable in some way, shape, or form, at some point in time. Forgiveness is prohibited from the Cosmic Courtroom wherein Natural Law is applied. This aspect of Creation has now been fully activated in the Heavens and the psyches of The People. That pyramid – with the All Seeing Eye atop it that the self-appointed-chosen-ones use as their symbol of power – is about to be turned on its head.

So Mote It Be.


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