The following excerpt from my autobiography is part of the chapter, Spiritual Awakening.

Fate And Free Will

The Hellenes (Greeks) are great believers in Fate – that absolutely everything is written (or predestined). Having been raised by such people I believed this too for some time. Then I grew up and realized that I did have a choice, or Free Will (within limits) to influence my life. After recently looking deeper into the Hellenic knowledge that is embedded in the original Holy Scripture, I now comprehend what they meant. It is not that we do not have Free Will – it is that our will does not override God’s Will. There are Natural/Karmic Laws embedded within the very fabric of Creation that should not be violated – if they are, there will be a price to pay since no one gets away with anything (as demonstrated in the previous chapter under the subheading, Karma: Cosmic Justice). So, when faced with decisions about what to do with Fated life events, we are better off making a choice that aligns with God’s Law/Will. In other words, we are free to choose but we are not free from the consequences of our choices. What is described in the section above demonstrates how certain events transpired that I chose to transform into something positive. In fact, my entire existence is a huge illustration of predestined experiences that I chose to turn into something life-affirming and empowering via the process of healing.

Whether Fate is imposed by God, or is something that I elected to experience (on a spiritual level before birth) is an irrelevant question to me because I think that the Creator cannot make me do anything – as the powerful spirit that I am (and you all are), I co-create my life with the Source of All Life. This is where Free Will comes in to play – not everything is part of God’s Plan, or Will. However, there are limits that are partly due to the fact that I (or we) live in a physical world (i.e. manifestation is slow) as well as other variables such as the destiny, choices and actions of others (this includes the machinations of those who run the world).

Life is a combination of Fate and Free Will – the greater my awareness of my destiny, what motivates me unconsciously, what I am here to learn and so on, the greater my Free Will. From this informed position I can make better life choices that will help me evolve as a human/spiritual being. These choices will align with God’s/Natural Law. I may also decide to share what I have discovered thus helping others deal more effectively with their predestined experiences.