Karma is the Eastern term for the spiritual law that may also be referred to as Cosmic Justice, God’s Justice, or Natural Law. True Law is inextricably linked to Morality and neither have anything to do with (hu)man-made laws, or ‘morals’ that change with the times, whoever is in power, or individual whims: Real Law/Morality is Objective and Immutable. It is usually associated with punishment, or experiencing the consequences of your negative actions. There is a lot more to it than this which I will get into in the last paragraph of this article.

Be wary of gurus and healers that only have a kindergarten level of understanding when it comes to Karma because, if you are seeking their assistance in relation to some horrific experience, they will tell you that “you must have done the same thing in another life, so now it’s your turn…” – this will make you feel unnecessary guilt without further investigation. In my experience (including research), this is rarely the case. Unless I receive some kind of personal confirmation of their insight through dreams, intuition, or life experiences, I reject what they tell me. This is because they are probably picking up on something else that was either carried out by my ancestors, them (or their ancestors), or is purely a figment of their imagination based on their beliefs. The other thing I have learned about Karma is that it cannot be accrued via thoughts, or emotions, only actions. Even inherited Karma begins with ancestors doing something in this world that is then passed on to their descendants.

I am going to include some excerpts from my autobiography below to further explain what I have discovered about it, primarily in relation to justice/punishment. 

Trigger warning: references to abortion and sexual abuse.

The popular notion of Karma is: “What goes around comes around.” There is more to it which I will elaborate on in the next chapter. However, in relation to justice it is all about punishment – the type that only a vast, omnipotent, omniscient presence can carry out. It is because human beings are aspects of this energy (due to their inherent spirituality, as is all of Creation) that they/we are automatically subjected to its laws. It is the ultimate form of justice.

During my teens I was (inadvertently) placed in situations where I did bear witness to the suffering of some of the abusers even though I had no conscious awareness of what they had done at those times. One incident, involved seeing a Chester (pseudonym for some of the abusers) in great pain in hospital as the nurse changed his bandages and drip after surgery. I recall visiting this man with my family and a cousin. My parents remained outside of his room while my brother and cousin, who couldn’t handle the gore, shot out of there as fast as humanly possible. The Chester called me over then told me to hold his hand. He squeezed it so hard that I thought I would scream but I held it together while watching him in pain. I did not flinch. I did not feel sorry for him nor was I glad to see him in agony. I observed in a detached manner, one that I was not familiar with. It seemed as though I was enveloped in light, cocooned by a spiritual blanket of some sort so that I would not be overwhelmed by what I was witnessing. Justice was happening before me. Karma wanted me there so that I would know for sure that my pain did not go unnoticed. (Incidentally, I do not think that every illness is a form of Karmic punishment. However, in this scenario I believe that this was exactly what was going on.) When this man died several years later (I still had no memory of his crimes) I happened to be overseas – he did not deserve my presence at his funeral.

On another occasion I watched as those who took my unborn son lost a child of their own via miscarriage (I was fifteen years of age at the time so this was only four years after they performed the abortion on me). I could hear Dva (one of the female abusers) screaming in the bathroom as they gathered up the fetus in a towel. I balled my eyes out as I heard the wails emanating from that room, not because I felt sorry for her – unbeknownst to me, I was tapping into my own pain in a way that I could not do when they murdered my child.

When Dvo (Dva’s husband, also an abuser) arrived, he ran to his equally deviant partner. As she blurted out that their child died he bent over as if he had been punched in the gut. What I did not comprehend as I witnessed this was the look they gave each other when Dva told him what happened – it was as if they were not surprised by it, like they knew they deserved it considering what they had done only a few years earlier. It was revealed later on that the fetus was male – Perfect Justice Incarnate.

After this, Dva began having suicidal and homicidal thoughts. She was medicated and almost hospitalized. Years later when I was studying psychology, she came to me for help as she still had unresolved guilt and depression about the child she had lost. (By the way, I still had no awareness of what she had perpetrated upon me years earlier.) Looking back on it now, I wonder if she felt any remorse whatsoever for what she did to me. Either way, I know she has suffered, so I feel validated by the Almighty.

This Karmic lawfulness seems to work in ingenious ways. When I began writing this chapter I discovered that the hands of one of the Chester’s were burnt in a household accident. This person abused me primarily via digital penetration so injury to those parts of the body was only fitting. (This perpetrator died of cancer a few months after my autobiography was published.)

The incidences of infinite justice mentioned here demonstrate that God does not forgive such transgressions. If this were true, there would be no need for such a cosmic court room where punishment is meted out without the conscious awareness of all parties involved, in most instances. This knowledge brings me closer to the experience of the limitless Love that can only come from the Creator.”

A more in-depth definition of Karma.

“Karma, or what I am here to learn, may take many different forms since there are many ways to learn – some of these include: punishment (also the justice aspect of Karma); study (books, mentors, observing others); rewards (making the most of my talents and other positive aspects such as, an education or a creative talent: for example, my love of writing which allows me to make sense of my life). Karma is not always the hell that it is often portrayed to be and it is not necessarily about being punished for actions committed in other lives. I demonstrated the latter in the previous chapter where I described how some of my abusers have already been punished for their misdeeds in this life. (There are also other types of Karma: familial, ethnic/racial and national which are all inherited – these usually don’t have anything to do with past personal transgressions.)”