As I have stated repeatedly in my Biblical articles (and in this article too), many things have been stolen from Hellas/the Hellenes.

There have been concerted efforts made to return The Parthenon Marbles to Athens for several decades now and it still hasn’t happened. They have been kept in England for centuries where they simply do not belong. The only way that they would rightfully belong there would be if they were gifted to that country but they were not, so they need to do the right thing and return those ill-gotten artifacts.

My family and I (as well as many other Hellenes in Melbourne and across the world) signed a petition to have them returned about one year ago at our local Delphi Bank branch…it’s been crickets

But it won’t be this way for much longer since all is being restored to its original state, regardless of whether or not certain people like it, or accept it. 

So Mote It Be.