Due to several enquiries from people wanting to know how I discovered the Hellenic origin of the Bible, I am creating this post as a one-stop-shop answer to that question. I will include the section from a previous article entitled, In The Beginning Was The Word, where I first explained how that happened. Before I share that excerpt, I will reveal what I now believe based upon further reflection and investigation that relates to not only the Bible, but civilization as a whole. What I have to say will be difficult for many to accept because the lies about history, religion and everything else have become so entrenched, but this will not prevent me from blurting out what I know, as per usual.

My research is largely based on information contained in old books and interactions with people who have access to knowledge that most people are not supposed to know. Since I cannot share large excerpts from books without violating copyright laws, and I will not disclose the identities of people who are not public figures, I am limited in what I can share publicly. The best I can do is refer you to two books hyperlinked below in the third paragraph under the subheading, The Masonic/Greek Origin Of The Bible And How It Relates To Gematria. You do not have to take my word for anything I state herein since you are free to do your own research. 

Many things came out of Hellas that we have been led to believe came out of Egypt, or the Middle East. One of the most important things that was created by the Hellenes was the alphabet, which combined with math and geometry (also Hellenic in origin), led to Gematria. I explain this in the article hyperlinked in the opening paragraph.

The Hellenes were writing on stone long before the Egyptians, or Sumerians. I doubt that the so-called advanced Sumerian civilization ever existed. I believe the tablets that were ‘found’ with text that is supposed to be way older than the Hellenic alphabet, were made up by those who have been running the world for millennia. These tablets consist of images that resemble pictograms, not an advanced form of writing, or alphabet: it looks like something a three-year-old could put together in a few minutes. I believe “excavation sites” were really “construction sites”. They own all the world’s resources so they have access to materials to create these things from scratch and to even make them look old. They own the universities, the media, etc., where they place propagandists from their inbred bloodlines. 

When it comes to the pyramids, I believe they are no more than a few hundred years old. The Hellenes were teaching the Egyptians how to build walls in order to prevent flooding from the Nile, a little over 2,000-years-ago (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 54). They also built the Great Library at Alexandria (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 56). This ‘advanced’ group of people who supposedly built the pyramids 10,000 to 26,000-years-ago, could not build a wall, or a library without the help of the Hellenes. The bogus stories of curses being foisted upon those who entered the pyramids, were a way to keep people away from them. God forbid a legit archaeologist walks into one, takes a sample of something and discovers that the structure is only 200-years-old.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs were also concocted much later than what we have been told in order to make it look as if the alphabet was sourced from them – transformed into letters by the Phoenicians*** who were, and are, crypto-Egyptians (proto-Jews). The consonants the Phoenicians used were derived from the Hellenic alphabet. Letters were numbers back then – the Phoenicians, being merchants, needed a numerical system in order to keep trading/accounting records. (The Phoenicians were a different group of people whose symbolism the Egyptians/Jews appropriated: learn more here.)

It was difficult for me to try to pinpoint a time frame for when they would have destroyed evidence that the alphabet was a purely Hellenic creation. As luck would have it, in 2020 I came across a paper from a researcher who believes that it was during the dark ages that these people took over the Mediterranean – this, of course, includes Hellas. You will find this here, in a black-highlighted paragraph, on page five. This is most likely the period when they began destroying, or hiding material that would prove that writing and other things, originated in Hellas. One of these other things that was birthed in Hellas was the prototype of a city – it was Athens, built circa 9,000 B.C.: 11,000-years-ago from our current time. (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 40).

Hellas was the birthplace of civilization.**** “A civilization (or civilization) is a complex society that is characterized by urban developmentsocial stratification, a form of government, and symbolic systems of communication (such as writing).” (Wikipedia) So, anyone who claims that mud houses, cave dwellings and cave/rock paintings are signs of a “civilization”, is lying to you. They are shills/agents: I out them here.

My guess is that the Egyptians/Jews had already thoroughly infiltrated Hellas sometime between 5,000 and 5,500-years-ago (between 3,000 and 3,500 B.C.). The Hellenes were a matrilineal, free, literate, moral and humanitarian people before the Jews infiltrated them.

On a side note, it has become crystal clear to me that intelligence is not necessary to rule the world. All the rulers have to do is lie and steal, not only material possessions but ideas, knowledge and creativity, too. Competent people do not have to lie about, and steal, everything. Inbreeding also obliterates intelligence – they have been practicing it for millennia. If they had to fend for themselves, they would perish.

So, now to the excerpt from the article hyperlinked in the first paragraph…

The Masonic/Greek Origin Of The Bible And How It Relates To Gematria.

During my Biblical research in 2018-19, I unearthed things I did not expect to find – namely, that the Bible is Masonic and that Masonry began in Greece. Masons are builders of structures that requires a command of architecture, which necessitates knowledge of geometry, math etc. The Greeks are known for their architecture and knowledge of geometry, hence their discovery of Gematria. (I also came across Biblical scholars and other independent researchers who confirmed that Gematria was used by the Greeks long before anyone else because they were the first to bring it to light.)

I was inadvertently led down this path of exploration after learning from two people that the Bible was originally written only in Greek. Not long after this happened, I recalled a conversation I had with a devout Pentecostal woman in the 1990s who told me the same thing as these guys that I found online (one of them was Jewish – he insisted that the Holy Book of the Jews was, and is, the Talmud). What this means is that the Hebrew in the Old Testament and the Aramaic in the gospels (first four books) of the New Testament, were translated from the Greek later on (I doubt that they were accurately translated). I did not ask any of these people how they knew this – in the 1990s I did not care, but more recently, I wanted to do my own research from scratch. Doing this type of detective work over the years has taught me that so much knowledge has been hidden, or distorted (co-opted, or hijacked). This means that dots have to be logically connected in order to get to the truth.  

Eventually, I came across the following book, The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry by Jack Nicholas Casavis which tied everything together for me. Masonry is connected to Christianity in the following excerpt on pp. 51-2 taken from the book, Freemasonry; What, Whence, Why, Whither by Sir John Alexander Cockburn, p. 24:

“It is held by some that the rapid spread of Christianity was due to the ground having already been prepared for its reception by the Guilds of Greece, such as the Thiassoi or Eranoi, which also derived the practice of the symbolical breaking of bread from their ceremonial meal which was a characteristic feature of their assemblies. It is implied that as the body was sustained by material nourishment, so was the soul strengthened by the precepts inculcated. Possibly this ancient custom may explain the feeling that a Masonic ceremony is not complete without passing from labour to refreshment.” 

So much of what Casavis reveals about the history and practices of Masonry as well as indigenous Greek myths, demonstrates the origin of some Biblical stories and Christian practices. Here is a very brief summary of what is contained in this book – the Biblical/Christian connections have been added by me:

  • The Garden of Eden myth came from the Mythological Garden of Hesperides wherein there was a tree that grew golden apples. It was protected by a fire-breathing snake wrapped around its trunk (p. 38).
  • The story of Moses and the staff that turned into a snake, originates from the same story that was carried out by the Greek God, Dionysos. The same rod that was used to part the sea in the Moses myth, was used in the original myth by Dionysos to part two rivers: Orontes and Hydrastes. In this story, the waters receded so that he alone could walk on dry land (p. 38).
  • The two cement tablets that were acquired by Moses containing the ten commandments, originates with the Masonic “Petroma” (petra – πέτρα: stone): two cemented stones that constituted the Holy Book for the Ancient Greek Masons (pp.107-8).
  • The story of the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ is also taken from the Dionysian myth as he experienced the same, was buried on the side of a hill and then resurrected by his father, Zeus (pp. 144; 171). This was dramatized during Masonic rituals as symbolic of rebirth (palingenesis – παλινγένεσις: palin, πάλιν, “again” and genesis, γένεσις, “birth” – “born again”; p. 145).
  • The practice of having a Godfather during a baptism (a Christian custom that in modern times may involve a Godmother, or Godparents) originates from a Masonic ritual (p. 115). The one being initiated into the final (third) degree of the Order is raised to this level by the Godfather.
  • Monotheism (mono – μóνος: alone, only, sole; theos – Θεóς: God), the belief in only one God, is a Masonic concept (p. 107). The Tetragrammaton (tetra – from τέσσερα: four; gramma – γρáμμα: letter): the four-letter name of this solitary God, is the Greek one: Θεóς/ΘΕΟΣ (pp. 29; 124).
  • The Sun was central to Ancient Masonry (p. 147). This aligns it with Christianity which is Sun worship. All of the Abrahamic religions are linked via Saturn worship. However, Christianity differs from the other two in that its focus is Jesus Christ/Son of God (Sun) and not the Father/LORD/Allah (Saturn). Sun worship existed long before Saturn worship (I go deeper into this symbolism in the following article: Judgment Day & The Aquarian Age).

Now, refer back to what I stated earlier in this post about the Sun…the Greeks creating text that included vowels which placed the Sun/light in the written word…their knowledge of geometry…the fact that vowels were added to other written languages (e.g. Aramaic and Hebrew – the former being an earlier version of the latter) only after the Greeks invented them…

Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος (In the beginning was the word)

This phrase – the beginning of John 1:1 – was imprinted in the Greek on warrants that were issued by the Masonic Lodges of England in 1733 (Casavis, p. 68).

Connect the dots.

So Mote It Be.


***In the mainstream historical narrative, you are led to believe that the Phoenicians were connected to proto-Jews but they were not: it is the identity that they appropriated from the Hellenes (learn more here).The Egyptians/Jews hide their true identities. They pretend to be people of different ethnicities, or religions in order to infiltrate, co-opt and destroy countries, institutions etc., as it serves them. This way they can blame people from those ethnic, or religious groups for the damage that they do. The Biblical story of the Jews first coming out of Egypt has a smidgeon of truth in it because it is from there that they originate but they were not slaves: Jews have never been enslaved.

The Phoenix symbolism/myth (which includes images of the eagle/double-headed eagle/Phoenix) are of Hellenic origin – I go into detail about this in the following article. I now know that these people steal many things from others, but by far they have stolen more from the Hellenes than anyone else: myth/symbolism, knowledge, creativity, names/identities. Many Jews have Hellenic first names: Eugene/Eugenia means “of good birth”; Leni/Laini/Lainie/Lena/Ellen/Lenore are all variants of Helen which means “light”: in fact, all names with “el” in them, are Hellenic in origin; Zachary translates into “sugar”; Zoe means “life”; Alexander/Alexandra translates into “defender, or protector of man”; Theodore/Theodora means “God’s gift”; Leo means “lion”; Rhea and Dionysos: both names of Hellenic Gods.

****A true civilization also does not have slaves: people do not get ahead by stealing from, and exploiting, others. They advance via their own efforts. Hellas was a true democracy where people were rewarded for their talents and work before the Egyptians/Jews arrived in that land. They introduced slavery because that’s the way they rolled in Egypt.