I can already hear the incredulity at the title of this blog post: “What’s this crazy biatch saying?” But hold onto your britches, folks…

My niece sent me a video that shows the existence of pyramid structures with the tops removed in Hellas (Greece). There are also walls built with the same polygon-shaped stones in other parts of the country in that video. This is shown from minute 5:10 to around 6:10. It’s interesting that they begin with these pyramidal structures in Hellas without making any mention that they probably originated there. Instead, the presentation moves on to other parts of the world where such formations exist.

I have already established – in this article – that the Hellenes were skilled in architectural design due to their advanced knowledge of math and geometry. Such complicated know-how would be needed in order to make those polygonal stones fit together without any sort of bonding agent. Their complex design is what allowed them to withstand the elements for thousands of years. In antiquity, people went to Hellas to learn how to build, and, the Hellenes also traveled to other lands to help with construction. As I state in the following excerpt from my hyperlinked article in the first sentence of this paragraph:

When it comes to the pyramids, I believe they are no more than a few hundred years old. The Hellenes were teaching the Egyptians how to build walls in order to prevent flooding from the Nile, a little over 2,000-years-ago (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p.54). They also built the Great Library at Alexandria (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 56). This ‘advanced’ group of people who supposedly built the pyramids 10,000 to 26,000-years-ago, could not build a wall, or a library without the help of the Hellenes. The bogus stories of curses being foisted upon those who entered the pyramids, were a way to keep people away from them. God forbid a legit archaeologist walks into one, takes a sample of something and discovers that the structure is only 200-years-old.

You may find out more about these Hellenic pyramids here. I do not buy the dating of those structures in Hellas because the excerpt from my article above provides evidence that the Egyptians were nowhere near as advanced as they would have you believe. This is because the Hellenes were helping them build basic structures only 2,000-years-ago.

Things that make you go hmmm…