This may be my most controversial post to date but it is high time I said what I am about to say. I have already made it clear in other articles that it is Jewish aristocrats who run the world (I discovered this here). In this post, I will demonstrate how their off-the-charts level of racism was the main reason they were able to reach and maintain their level of ‘success.’ The following is my opinion based on extensive research that I have undertaken over the last few years.

‘Goy’ and ‘Gentile’.

These words beginning with “G” for non-Jews are derogatory names for them. Is there any other religious, or ethnic/racial group of people that has labelled everyone not of their group – both in their Holy Book “The Talmud”, and the part of the Bible that they claim as their own, “The Old Testament” – as inferior to them? So inferior in fact, that they are allowed to lie to, steal from and kill them, with impunity. It would seem that God’s (supposed) chosen people may do whatever they want to the (supposed) unchosen ones.

Do Jews Have A Homeland?

I do not buy the Biblical narrative, or any other narrative, which states that the Jews do not have a homeland. I believe they came out of Egypt and that they were never slaves.

Egypt is a desert land. Life became difficult there during prolonged periods of drought. So, they set out on their ships looking for more fertile places to go to in order to survive. (They were the original pirates, also known as, the Sea Peoples, or Phoenicians – learn more here.)

When they arrived on these foreign shores, they mistreated the indigenous peoples inhabiting them. They took what they wanted, when they wanted, however they wanted to take it (is that not what pirates do?). People who consider themselves to be superior to everyone else, are not going to treat the ‘inferior’ with any respect now, are they?

The natives did not take kindly to strangers showing up and wreaking havoc on them. Some of them imposed restrictions on the Jews for the purpose of self-preservation. If those restrictions were not successful in containing their criminal activity, they were kicked out of those countries.

All Jews were not responsible for the trouble created by some of them. However, in antiquity, people did not have, or did not want to expend, the resources required to weed out only the miscreants, so they all had to leave. There were dozens of countries that did this and I don’t believe for one moment that they were ‘racist’. They did what they had to do to survive on their own soil.

Since the criminal Jews could not get away with being openly nefarious, their activities went underground.

The Original Gangsters.

The ancestors of those who currently rule the world were the original gangsters: the Mafia. They prospered via clandestine criminal activities. In movies, it is the Italians*, or the Irish that are portrayed as these gangsters, but this is not true. This is not to say that people from other ethnic groups were not, or are not, criminals. However, organized crime is a Jewish invention – ‘survival’ (i.e. greed) is their justification for it.** Just because they could not survive in their desert homeland, this did not, and does not, justify committing heinous crimes all over the planet. Nor does declaring themselves God’s chosen people, legitimize global predation.

Those who greatly prospered by these criminal activities were able to enter the uppermost echelons of every society. All famous and powerful people are Jewish nobles (or gazillionaires) and have been for centuries. However, most of them hide it. They cannot instantly be identified by their names, or even their looks. Everyone not of their ilk is kept out of these top positions.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most racist of them all?


*It dawned on me recently that even though I grew up with Italians, I never once met a gangster. I used to go to several Italian restaurants with friends, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning after partying all night long. Never did I see a table of wise guys sitting in some corner of an eatery, looking all ominous. Nor did I witness, or hear about, any Mafia violence in my neighborhood which was largely populated by Italians (most of them were Sicilian, or Calabrian). Movies are propaganda for the most part, but then again, who runs the movie industry?

**’Survival’ to the Mafia includes using, abusing and killing their own people, if they deem it necessary. 

P.S. Many years ago, I wrote an article outlining the racism that I, and many others, have endured in Australia because we are of immigrant stock. You may read about it here. Little did I know that some of the racists I had encountered who I believed, at the time, were of ‘Anglo’ (British/English) heritage, were actually Jewish/crypto-Jewish: “Smith” is a Jewish name, short for “Goldsmith”, or “Silversmith”; “Rose” is Jewish, disguising the name “Rosen”, which is also spelled “Rozen.” It is now clear to me that it is not only wealthy Jews who hide their Jewishness.

So, those of us who call out the most racist racists are labelled ‘anti-Semitic’, when the racism foisted upon people like me, does not have a special derogatory label for the racists who discriminate against us. (Please spare me the ‘Holocaust’ as the reason for the term “anti-Semitism” because it never happened. For evidence of this, I send you here and here.) A truly powerless group of people cannot obtain a label attributed to racism against them by virtue of their powerlessness. These people hijacked language, and almost everything else, long ago which gave them plenty of power. Do you understand what I am saying here? If not, take a moment to think about it.