What is written herein is going to be difficult for many to comprehend, let alone accept, but I will put myself out there as I have many times before. It is what I signed up for in this lifetime. Dispelling the lies of history is extremely difficult since it was co-opted long ago by the perpetrators of heinous historical crimes. They have been able to deeply infiltrate people’s minds with their filthy falsehoods. It will probably take centuries before these things are wiped clean from people’s psyches.

I am currently rewriting my autobiography which focuses on the sexual trauma foisted upon me in childhood. I have recalled therapeutic experiences with certain healers of alternative forms of therapy. These people informed me that Karma is not only about the consequences of individual, or ancestral actions: it is also related to what was inflicted upon our ancestors (ancestral trauma). I now understand that certain traumas that my lineages were subjected to by invaders, were designed to keep them oppressed: this is true for almost every ethnic/racial group on the planet. So, when someone tells you that your traumas in this life are due to your own, or your ancestor’s, past (bad) actions, take it with a huge grain of salt.

Trigger warning: the following contains references to sexual abuse.

2002: The Waking Nightmare That Is PTSD.

In the first half of 2002, I recalled most of the abuse I endured during my childhood. By the end of 2001, I knew there was more but it was not coming to the surface. Christmas arrived and since it falls during the summer in Australia, we all went on vacation. My regular therapist was not going to be available until February and I could not wait that long to get further assistance. My cousin recommended a healer, so I went to see her in January. Through this woman, I learned about a curse being inflicted upon my maternal bloodlines. In the weeks that followed this session, I recalled several incidences of abuse from my mother’s side of the family. I worked on clearing them with my regular therapist, but I also began to deal with them on my own. I did this by writing about each of the occurrences, describing in great violent detail what I would do to the perpetrators if they were in front of me, then, burning it all. I could feel myself getting stronger with every event that I dealt with in this manner. The sessions with the therapist were phased out from June of that year.

2014: The Matrix.

Before leaving for America in 2014, in order to complete a screenplay about my autobiography (more on this below), I consulted a Matrix Healer. This was new to me but I was willing to try it since I was anxious about the venture on which I was about to embark. She explained that we have certain ‘programs’ (beliefs, recurring events) encoded into us from past experiences in this life, other lives and our ancestors. This therapeutic method felt strange when it started because I kept swaying from side to side as though I was swimming in jelly (Jell-O). One of my physical issues had seventy-four programs attached to it that needed to be removed/reprogrammed, so there was no way we were going to deal with them all in that session. I also did not have the time to return before leaving the country. One of these programs was related to the sexual abuse: it was a recurring theme across lifetimes. She told me that soon after I was born, I (subconsciously) said to myself: “Oh, no, not this again.” She did not tell me when this program was encoded into my individual matrix because we did not have the time to go that deep into the issue. What I did not know back then, was the whole coding/language/DNA connection that generates the programs that shape our reality, most of which we did not create ourselves (I elaborate on this, further on). 

2018: Rebirth. 

In January 2018, around the time of my birthday, I began to feel unwell in a way that I had not previously experienced. This time, I was drawn to look for a kinesiologist because I sensed that I needed very specific information in order to heal. (I had been to one before but he passed on in 2012.) Through this woman, I discovered the sexual trauma inflicted upon my father’s side of the family. She told me that it began four generations ago: this coincides with the Ottoman (crypto-Jewish) occupation of Hellas (Greece) which did not end when ‘they’ claim it did in 1821. I have already written about the brutal murder of my great-grandparents (my paternal grandmother’s parents) here. My father’s bloodlines have been adversely affected by rape and genocide. They are also the priestly lineages from which I descend. As I have stated in my Biblical articles, the Egyptians/Jews stole the Holy Scripture from the Hellenes and have continued to destroy these lineages ever since. It was during this year that I began looking into the Bible. I did not know my real purpose in life until these events transpired in 2018.

The Cesspool That Is Hollywood.

I have spent A LOT of time in Hollywood going all the way back to the 1990s. Even though, I did not want to spend so much time there, I had to do it. My life would become very unpleasant if I did not follow through with what I was guided to do. I was slowly led into the film industry via some unusual happenings in the ’90s. This laid the foundation for my experiences over there from 2014 – 2019: the length of time in which a screenplay, based on my autobiography, was registered with the Writer’s Guild in Los Angeles.*

I sensed, from the get-go, that the purpose of this endeavor was to get a long-term visa that would allow me to discover the truth about the industry. Looking back on it now, it seems that I was some type of detective for God, truth, or some such, without even knowing it. I also think that I was announcing my arrival on the planet to those who have messed with my bloodlines for centuries. I now realize that I am their Nemesis.

Hollywood – created by and for the ruling Jews** (they pay homage to their Egyptian roots via the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard) – was not created for the purpose of entertainment. That is the guise under which they promote it but it really is a huge propaganda machine. (This is not to say that there is not any type of non-propaganda material that spawns from that place. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for some true, or good, art to emerge from there in order to make the overall lie/facade of the place seem convincing.)

The lies of history and the philosophies they want to peddle, are cemented into people’s psyches via the combination of the moving image, language and music. When the audience can identify with the characters in movies, their psyops have deep and long-lasting effects. The same media/methods are used to sell phony news stories but when you add CGI to the mix, they can make people believe things that technically only ‘exist’ in cyberspace. Anything to get people away from reality, from the truth…

Considering the theme of my autobiography, many of my conversations with people revolved around the issue of pedophilia in Hollywood: it is rampant. They have revealed some of it through the documentary, An Open Secret, but it does not even begin to scratch the surface. (That title is very telling, is it not?) Remember that Jews run Hollywood (and the world) and according to their religion, pedophilia is acceptable. (Learn more here & here.)

They also like to point the finger at pedophilic Catholic priests, whilst ignoring the pedophile Rabbis, Imams and Buddhist monks. (Pedophiles are everywhere, and I do not only mean in religious institutions, but from all walks of life.) This is why they make movies about them: it is a way to salt in their propaganda about not only Catholicism, but Christianity as a whole. They like to spit on (and mock) the Source of Life: Jesus Christ being an allegorical term for the Sun/Light.

A discussion with a former actor, brought home the seriousness of the issue of child rape in Hollywood. He left the industry because of what he heard, and, what he was told he would need to do in order to advance in that field. He told me that if I decided to make this movie, I should ensure that only teenage-looking adult actors were cast to play the victims. This is because anyone below the age of consent would be abused without exception. (Remember this every time you watch a movie, or TV show with young children in it.) I told him that my abuse began in infancy and continued until the age of around thirteen. So, what he suggested would be impossible, unless CGI, or cartoon-type characters were used to take their place (I said this in jest, of course). He kept shaking his head from side to side, silently telling me, “Don’t do it.”

What Does This All Have To Do With False Karma?

In my opinion, the Egyptians/Jews who run the world (Ancient Egyptian royalty and their descendants)***, somehow introduced pedophilia to humanity in a way that made it ‘acceptable’ when they started messing with it centuries ago. I doubt that other groups would have allowed this in their communities because they would have been aligned with Natural Law. Pedophilia causes harm which contravenes Natural Law. If such deviant individuals existed in those groups, they were probably dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Given that the Talmud – their ‘Holy’ Book – was written in antiquity, it stands to reason that the Jews of the royal bloodlines were practicing it before they learned about the written word from the Hellenes. That is, they were doing it before they documented it. (The Talmud is not really a religious text but more of a sociolegal manifesto: for more on this, go here & here. They hide behind religion.) The fact that it continues to be practiced in Hollywood without consequence, provides evidence as to the acceptance of it. The lack of commensurate punishment of pedophiles in the legal system, further reinforces this world view since they invented the ‘justice’ system. Pedophilia is supposed to be taboo, but its pervasiveness indicates the opposite reality.

The other thing that is accepted in the Talmud and the bastardized version of the Bible: incest. The Pharaohs were marrying their sisters for centuries before they landed on Hellenic shores. I doubt that they looked like the images we now associate with Ancient Egyptians. They would have had physical deformities as well as subpar intelligence (schizophrenia is also prevalent in inbred populations). If they had not ceased to be so highly incestuous, their bloodlines would have been wiped out long ago.

The Hellenes knew about genetics and advised them on what to do to improve their bloodlines. The quickest way to strengthen their DNA would have been to start interbreeding with other races. I believe they did this with the Hellenes initially, then other Europeans, before spreading out into other lands. This is why Jews now look like people from all walks of life. Interbreeding enhanced their genetics and allowed them to easily infiltrate other ethnic/racial groups over the centuries by looking more like them. It also permitted them to blame other ethnic/racial groups for their crimes. However, they never did give up on the incest, continuing to marry cousins for centuries until today.

They learned about the importance of maintaining the maternal bloodlines via the Hellenes. They discovered that the mother can only pass on the X (sex) chromosome which is vital for life (more on this here).

When they became well-versed in this knowledge, they used it to start messing with people’s genetics in order to better control them. They wanted to stop the warmongering and physical forms of enslavement by using biological means to create a human slave ‘race’. They also used language to thwart people’s free will (their psyches) and this, too, is tied to genetics, coding, math, etc. These things constitute and influence the Life Force: Light. The genetic code, to this day, is written in letters, and letters were numbers back in the day.

I no longer believe what they teach in biology about genes being knocked out (made redundant) during our ‘evolutionary’ processes, or that genetic disorders are random acts of Nature. They started removing, modifying, or damaging genetic sequences that did not serve them. (They are doing this right NOW with the vaxxxination programs. They’ve gone all out this time because they know the end is nigh for them. They want to destroy as many lives as possible because they are well aware that the same fate awaits them after centuries of doing nothing but evil.) Given that they own the universities, are behind all forms of ‘scientific’ research, and everything else, the masses will know only what they want them to know.

By interfering with humanity in this way, they created negative biological/spiritual legacies (False Karma) for other groups of people. The fact that these things are passed on via our DNA, makes it seem as if the bad juju comes from our own ancestral lines, thus placing erroneous guilt on innocent people. This also causes all manner of physical and psychological disturbances which then makes humanity easier to control. Methinks that planet Earth was a veritable paradise before they started messing with it and its people.

Real Karma – their Karma – is returning to them now like it never has before because of Saturn’s powerful influence over the Cosmos. The funny thing is that it is the very entity that they worship, and have attempted to supplant on the earthly plane, that will ensure their downfall.

Saturn is such a righteous Father.



*Since the registration of my screenplay in 2014, I have come across a few movies and books written by ‘celebrities’ that contain material plagiarized from my autobiography. Do they honestly believe that I would not recognize my own ideas no matter how they tried to twist and turn them to make them seem ‘original’? Plagiarism is not actionable (i.e. not against the law). What else would you expect from people who descend from a long line of thieves?

I once met a screenwriter who lamented about the fact that his script was “butchered” when he sold it to an independent film studio. I suspect he believed that an independent studio would keep the original script intact as much as possible. He learned a valuable lesson: there is no such thing as ‘independent’ in Hollywood. The same people own everything. If you are an artist who wants to remain independent, maintain copyright ownership of your work. When you give that away, you no longer have a say, and the owner(s) will be the only one(s) profiting from your creativity. People get all excited when they are offered contracts. What most do not know is that these agreements bind you to the other party in ways that often entail lousy compromises. Of course, you will get a lawyer to look over it. In most instances, contractual agreements involve the selling of your Soul to the soulless.

The aforementioned screenwriter also said something about writers being invisible in Hollywood. The industry would collapse without them. If they started to kick up a stink, they would no longer be unnoticeable, and, they might actually be treated with some respect. The ‘industry’ needs them more than they need it.

**I was told the following about the movie business by a Lyft driver in LA: “If you want to get into the film industry, you have to get in good with the Jews.” No kidding. It’s interesting that not one teacher from any of the film classes I undertook mentioned this fact: the vast majority of them were Jewish and the rest were probably crypto-Jewish. Film classes/events in LA (and probably everywhere else on the planet), involve you paying Jews to lie to you: it’s a racket. All famous people are closely related, Jewish aristocrats. So, if anyone claims that any celebrity got famous because they undertook their courses, they are lying to you. 

***Please do not be fooled by names that sound English, or Scottish and assume that they are not Jewish: the Jews (who were known as Egyptians in antiquity) infiltrated all royal, or ruling, houses thousands of years ago and so they appropriated the names of the indigenous folk. They also interbred with them so that they look like them. To give you a recent example: an Australian Aboriginal woman with the peerage surname of Lyon(s), made a TV appearance acting as if she was fighting for the rights of her indigenous people. Her surname tells you that she is an aristocrat and a Jew since all royalty is Jewish. You would not know it by looking at her. I recommend that you research the name of any influential individual, even when they come out of nowhere, no matter what they look like, on this website.