Nemesis is the Hellenic Goddess that delivers divine punishment to those who deserve it. In fact, her name is derived from the word nemein: to give what is due. It is often defined as “revenge” but that is because language – and Hellenic knowledge as a whole – was hijacked long ago by certain people that are responsible for the sorry state of the world. If you are new here and you want to know more about these perps, go here & here & here.

When those who seek righteousness are told that their true motivation is vengeance, they are being shamed for seeking justice. Furthermore, they are being told to fear taking such action because it will do them harm. But this is an inversion of Natural Law, for it is the ones who caused the harm in the first place that will then be the recipients of said harm: this is what balances the scales of Karma. Perpetrators – along with their flying monkeys – like to project their guilt onto the innocents they have violated.

The mere act of outing their transgressions, is often labeled ‘vengeful’ in order to silence the victimized and their advocates.

So, be wary of those peddling such philosophies because they invented them, or use them, for their own benefit. 

If you find yourself embodying the Spirit of Nemesis, kick to the curb those who say you are doing the wrong thing. It is the wrongdoers themselves that usually make such a claim: the ones who do not want to pay the piper for their crimes because they know the true price would, most likely, cost them everything.