1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

To the Hellenes, God was/is light, or photons: the Source of Life, the Creator. It was never about some fairy floating around in heaven creating Creation. They knew this thousands upon thousands of years ago: how did they know? Did they have laboratories, equipped with microscopes etc., or were they that advanced that they just KNEW? We may never know for sure since when the Egyptians/Jews arrived in that land they eliminated evidence only after they became well-versed in the knowledge themselves.

Ουδεíς Kρυπτóν Aπó Toν ‘Ηλιo.

(Hellenic saying: “Nothing is hidden from the Sun.”)

I am going to take this opportunity to bring to light – like the Sun – a few things that I have been able to tie together whilst continuing to delve into the Hellenic origin of the Bible.

Egypt is only a hop, skip and a jump away from Hellas. I believe that when these people set off on their boats because they could not survive in their desert homeland, Hellas was the first place in which they landed (probably Crete, maybe even a place known as Atlantis, which the Egyptians/Jews destroyed due to their misuse of Hellenic technology). There were two reasons for this: 1/ it was close by; 2/ it stood out since advanced forms of architecture were built there thousands of years beforehand. Athens was built 11,000-years-ago from our current time: 9,000 B.C. (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 40). (The theory that humanity first came out of Africa is balderdash since other people already existed in those lands when they first arrived on their shores.) 

The Egyptians were not advanced – I think their boats were not more complicated than canoes. They learned how to build ships and everything else from the Hellenes. (For more on their lack of advancement, click on the link in the first paragraph.) The Hellenes welcomed people from all over the world who wanted to learn from them. It was not necessary for them to venture into other lands (unless they were invited to do so) since they were too busy thriving on their own soil. They were not warmongers, merchants, slave owners, pathological liars, cheats and thieves: the Egyptians/Jews were all of these things. 

Hellas was a true democracy where people advanced via their own efforts and talents. They invented the Written Word and were the first to document Natural/Cosmic Law which is embedded in the original, Hellenic parts of the Old Testament: The Ten Commandments in their original form, are but a minor example of the tenets of Natural Law.

The Hellenes discovered, or invented the following: philosophy, theater, universities, democracy, architecture, plumbing, irrigation systems, Masonry**, the alphabet, math, geometry, Gematria, the Holy Scripture, the Olympics (competitive sports), astronomy, physics, law, genetics, medicine, and, psychology (the study of the soul that is an inherent part of Western astrology which also originated in Hellas). Psychology was an essential element of their religious practices. The symbolic death-rebirth/resurrection related to life, or the soul, is Hellenic in origin, whether it be connected to Dionysos, Jesus Christ, or the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The Hellenes had a profound understanding of human nature/psychology.

The Egyptians/Jews hijacked all of these things and weaponized them in order to take over the world. I get many spooks/agents coming to my blog and email account trying to misdirect me toward the ‘Greeks’ as crypto-Jews just because they appropriated the Phoenix/eagle/double-headed-eagle-Phoenix symbolism (and everything else) from the Hellenes. The Hellenes had all of the things listed in the previous paragraph for thousands of years before the Jews arrived and they never used them against humanity, so that theory doesn’t wash. The spooks also point me toward some other group of people from the Middle East but the real Jews did not originate from that region of the world (more on this below). They try desperately to bury any direct link between the Egyptians and the Jews (i.e. they are the same people).

The other whopper lie is the aliens (Annunaki) that supposedly landed in Egypt who were so advanced they created the pyramids. They then proceeded to spread their seed which ultimately led to the (alien/reptilian) bloodlines that rule the world today. Bollocks.

Ephesians 5:8 You are Light in the world. Walk as children of Light.

1 John 2:25 And this is what he promised us – eternal life.

All Biblical references to Light as God, the life and the truth, or eternal life (the soul which is made of Light), are Hellenic in origin.

Judaism does not involve the belief in a soul, nor does it consider Light as God, or the Source of Creation. So, in Genesis the phrase “Let there be light”, is indicative of their belief that some other entity creates life, instead of the Source of Life: Light. It is the primary way in which they bastardized the Holy Scripture. Their God is referred to as LORD, but to those in the know this is the planet Saturn, which is responsible for the creation of material life. They want to accredit this heavenly body as the Creator instead of the true Creator: Light. They adopted this philosophy – and have peddled it for centuries – so that they may rule the earthly domain via the entity that oversees three-dimensional reality.

The Egyptians/Jews did not know anything about Saturn and His role in the Cosmos before their arrival on Hellenic shores. However, they did consider themselves to be superior to other peoples before discovering this knowledge from the Hellenes. They realized they could use it to enslave the world.

We are told that the Talmud predates the Holy Scripture, but since Jesus/Christianity are mentioned (and condemned) within it, this is not true. The Scripture was written about 2,000-years-ago, so the Talmud had to be written some time later, or at the same time as the Scripture. Given that the Hellenic alphabet/writing predates all other written languages,*** Aramaic and Hebrew were invented some time after the Jews learned about the written word from the Hellenes. They were in Hellas for centuries before the creation of the Holy Scripture. They developed a different script that is read backwards and got rid of evidence from Hellas that would have proved where writing was birthed. The Talmud is an unadulterated version of what these people really believe and how they operate. Their bastardized version of the Scripture, especially the Old Testament, is a watered down version of Jewish (Talmudic) law because it was intended for mass consumption. (I find it curious that they used the Hellenic alphabet as the foundation upon which to base the now global English alphabet/language. The Romans, who were crypto-Jews, began the transformation of the original alphabet via Latin which is now English. Could it be that the Hellenes tapped into the language of Creation with their alphabet? This would mean that the manipulation of Hellenic script by the Jews could also influence the life force (Light), thus maneuvering people to do their bidding via The Living Word.)

The foundation of Judaism has nothing to do with Israel, or the Middle East. Even the Star of David did not originate there because it is a geometric symbol that they discovered in Hellas, it being the birthplace of geometry. They have created a whole phony history of that land being sacred, etc. when nothing could be further from the truth. Since Jesus and the Apostles, and any other figure connected to true Christianity – which is of Hellenic origin – are allegorical references to different aspects of Creation, the whole ‘Israel as the Holy Land’ thing is a big, fat lie. If any of those characters existed they would have been Hellenes, thus making Hellas the true Holy Land. (The Scripture, in its original form, was an educational document for those who were interested in learning about the origin and nature of life – more on this here.)

Their only claim to Israel is a religious one which they invented themselves, since they do not have an indigenous tie to that land: they are native to Egypt.**** (They also underhandedly took over every other land on the planet centuries ago.) They give themselves away in the Jewish parts of the Bible with constant references to their God claiming that land for them. They are entitled to it because He gives it to them – The Promised Land – not because it was theirs from the beginning. It could not be theirs from the get-go because other people were there first: Genesis 17:8 “The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your seed after you; and I will be their God.” For similar Biblical verses, I send you here. The Canaanites were not Jews – Judaism was foisted upon them. Read the Genesis 17:8 Biblical verse quoted above a few times in order to understand what it REALLY means.

Of course, God was not speaking to the Jews since they wrote these words themselves. This means that they were declaring themselves God’s (Saturn’s) chosen people and so were ‘gifting’ the land of the Canaanites to themselves. It was also OK for them to murder anyone who got in their way when taking it. This violates one of the Ten Commandments which supposedly came from their God. It was one of the tenets that the Hellenes lived by because they authored the Commandments, morality being paramount to their way of life.

Hellas is now the Phoenix Rising From The Ashes.

The Phoenix has finally returned to its true homeland.

**”Freemasonry” is the name that was later given to Masonry by the Jews. This is because it was only meant for free men and not for slaves. The Egyptians/Jews owned slaves; slavery was – and still is – anathema to the Hellenes. (The Hellenic motto is “Freedom or Death” and their national anthem is entitled, “Hymn to Liberty“.) “Masonry” is a Hellenic word but the origin of it is in dispute: some think it is connected to the word for “mystery” (Mυστήριοv); others believe it is derived from the word for “midheaven” (Mέσος: midst; Oυρανός: heaven). (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 136).

***The Hellenes had their alphabet before Athens was built 11,000-years-ago. This is because letters were numbers back then which would have been required to do math/geometry in order to build advanced forms of architecture.

****Even though they came out of Africa, they do not represent all Africans. In fact, their racism against Black people is worse than it is for other non-Jews – for evidence from the Talmud, go here.

In my continued efforts to elucidate the original, Hellenic parts of the Scripture, below you will find excerpts from my articles where God/Light/The Sun/Jesus Christ are mentioned, primarily for those who are new here: 

The Light Of Life

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you

God (The King) = Jesus Christ = The Sun

The Kingdom = The Solar System (The Zodiac Wheel)

The Sun (Jesus/King) rules the Solar System (Kingdom). All of the heavenly bodies that make up the system exist within you, symbolically speaking.

The soul is the source of individual life. Its essence is light which ties it to the Sun – the Source of life for the entire planet. The sovereignty of the Sun in the heavens is equivalent to your own – you rule yourself. You do not need this verified via the written, or the spoken word. You are a creation of the Creator which automatically gives you the right to self-governance.

Christian Holy Days = Sun (Pagan) Holy Days


This Holy Day is associated to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It involves the Sun’s movement on the earth’s equator which makes the length of day and night equal.  It represents the resurrection of the Sun (Jesus Christ) after the long, dark winter.


This Holy Day is related to the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. On Christmas day, the Sun is reborn – it regains its ‘strength’ as the days start to get longer from this point on until they are equal in length to the night (Spring Equinox: Easter).

A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven

Helios: the Sun (Biblical Correspondence: Jesus Christ)

The Sun is primarily responsible for life on the planet. It rules Time on a daily and seasonal basis. The seasons are an integral part of life on Earth – they are determined by the direction Earth’s axis is pointing relative to the Sun.

Christianity is Sun worship since it revolves around the veneration of Jesus Christ, which is a poetic Greek name for Helios (‘Ηλιος): the Sun (Ιησούς Χριστός). For more on how the seasonal cycles of the Sun are related to Christianity, I send you here.

Western astrology (also known as “Tropical astrology”), is based on the seasons – “Western” also means it came out of Europe (i.e. Greece).

Judgment Day & The Aquarian Age

The New Testament revolves around Jesus Christ the Son of (Sun) God. Jesus Christ is Greek for “Savior” (Ιησοûς/Jesus) and “Light” (Χριστóς/Christ).

Jesus Christ is a poetic name for the Sun. The Sun is the Saving Light that rises every day to ensure life on Earth. There is no greater power than the Sun. Christians are Sun worshippers – this is why they worship on SUNday.

There is no life on Earth without the Sun, therefore no place for Saturn to rule, or even exist because the solar system would evaporate without the Sun. (“Sol” is Latin for sun; sol is also the root of the word for “soul” – the soul is the source of life within individuals: their essence. The Greek word for soul – psyche – ties into what I said earlier about occulted knowledge having a direct impact on people’s psych(e)ology. The Sun is at the center of it all.)

There is a verse in the Bible that describes what I stated in the previous paragraph:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The only way to the Father – Saturn, the ruler of the material domain – is through the Source of Life: the Sun. That is, the Light of Life is that which creates the physical world (form).

In The Beginning Was The Word

Light Language.

Gematria is often called the “God Code” but this is only referring to math. I would call it the “Light Code”, or “Light Language” since, in my opinion, math itself is not the source of life – it alone cannot create life but it can influence the expression of it, or manipulate it. If math could create life, then certain calculations on a piece of paper, computer, iPhone, or in your mind could manifest some sort of life form out of thin air – a baby, a plant, a cute little kitty cat – but that’s not how it works now, is it? In order to create life, you need something that is already alive because it contains light (photons) – cells, for example. Human beings cannot and will not ever be able to manufacture life/light from scratch via any form of occult, or scientific knowledge.

Another example of what I mean in the previous paragraph, involves my own experience as a writer. Through the written word, I have been able to transform myself in powerful, healing ways. Transformation means “to change form”, not create form – they are different things. I was able to influence my own soul (self) by using the language that is encoded within it. In other words, I changed my psychology via the written word (“psyche” being the Greek word for “soul”).