Christianity is Sun worship. I have already established this in other articles, but if you are new here, you may want to read the following posts:

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Sun worship is Pagan in origin – Easter and Christmas are Christian Holy Days (holidays) since they both focus on important events involving the Sun, year in, year out.


This Holy Day is associated to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It involves the Sun’s movement on the earth’s equator which makes the length of day and night equal.  It represents the resurrection of the Sun (Jesus Christ) after the long, dark winter.


This Holy Day is related to the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. On Christmas day, the Sun is reborn – it regains its ‘strength’ as the days start to get longer from this point on until they are equal in length to the night (Spring Equinox: Easter).

The Resurrection Of Hellenism (Greek Paganism): What It Heralds For Humanity

In 2017, Hellenism was legally recognized in Greece. It had reemerged publicly in the late 1990’s but was officially reintegrated into Greek society that year. This heralded a new dawn of freedom of religion in that country that was there before organized religion was forced upon the masses.

If my plans had worked out, I would have moved to Greece – my true homeland – after my books were published in 2013, thus placing me there when this momentous event occurred. However, certain things transpired in 2014 which required me to take a detour even though I did not want to take that path. Since I answer to a higher power (The Highest), I must follow through with what I am guided (told) to do. Of course, I can refuse to do it, but then my life becomes very unpleasant. Even so, I regret that I was not there when this happened. I am now simply biding my time until I move there for good.

I added my personal experience here because it is happening to many people all over the world – they are reclaiming their heritage. As Pagans, they lived in accordance with Natural Law and were, therefore, attuned to natural cycles and themselves. This is the Real Reset that is taking place now and will continue for decades to come.

The filth that has ruled this planet for thousands of years has never had to deal with this kind of empowerment of the populace before. They relied on lies which were favored during the Piscean Age Of Deception, but that is now over. They don’t know how to function without lying, so they are malfunctioning.

As we rise, they fall.