Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

There is profound Truth embedded in the Bible, if you become well-versed at deciphering it. In order to get to this Truth, you must first expose the lies, or distortions within it (to make a lie convincing it must be enmeshed with the Truth). These Revelations are outlined in the New Testament and are not only relevant to what is hidden in the Bible. This mass unveiling will create the Great Divide between those that embody Truth and those that lie, or collude with the liars, even when they know the Truth.

 Before I get into the nitty-gritty of it all…

My interpretation of the Bible is an esoteric one – the hidden meaning that is not known to most people. The esoteric version of “the greatest story ever told” is based on the knowledge that the characters and events in the Bible are not based on real people, or occurrences. They are symbolic representations of celestial bodies and events that correlate with the happenings on planet Earth, as well as the psychology and biology of its people. In other words, it is based on occulted knowledge (astrology, numerology etc.). The entire Bible is occulted – from the Alpha to the Omega, baby.

If you choose to believe the exoteric version of the Bible (the meaning for those “not in the know” – the generally accepted story),* then what is described below will probably shock and enrage you, or it may simply be utterly ridiculous to you…

The Role of Saturn in the Cosmos 

Cosmically, or astrologically speaking, it is a time of division between good and evil (truth and lies; right and wrong). This has everything to do with the planet Saturn entering its home sign of Capricorn (in late 2017) where it is at its most potent. Saturn is the architect of the material, three-dimensional world: FORMATION. (The New Age 5th-dimensional-ascension-rhetoric is delusional – this world was, is and always will be, 3D.) Saturn also rules KARMA: he punishes misdeeds and rewards good deeds (i.e. he will “right wrong”). This planet embodies integrity: TRUTH. Saturn rules what gives structure to the body: the bones, teeth and skin. Social structures and institutions, such as religion, corporations and government, including the justice system, are also ruled by this planet. The Judge in the courtroom is the embodiment of Saturn.

Saturn is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius and now co-ruler alongside Uranus which was discovered in 1781. Since we are moving into the Age of Aquarius (this will last for about 2,160 years) this planet is going to impact Earth very deeply during this time – Saturn is the REAL ruler of Aquarius.

Interestingly enough, the entrance into the Aquarian Age is allegorically referred to in the New Testament:

Luke 22:10 He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters.”

The “man carrying a jar of water” represents the Aquarius zodiac symbol. The “house” is the 11th house on the zodiac wheel: Aquarius. (See the Water Bearer here.)

At the core of Aquarius is humanitarianism, and for a truly humanitarian existence on the earthly plane, evil (intentional malicious wrongdoing) must be put in its place. That is, prevented from ruling anywhere, in any way, on this planet.

Saturn has the thankless task of making things right in this world but with the brainwashing inherent in passive religious beliefs that demand people “turn the other cheek”, and forgive every atrocity under the Sun (the New Age bowel movement has amplified this to epidemic proportions), this task is far more difficult to accomplish. It is time to accept, for once and for all, that these tenets are useless when it comes to transforming, or stopping evil because if they were effective, this would be a Utopian world by now.

The Role of Saturn, the Sun and the Zodiac Sign of Pisces in Christianity

The-Powers-That-Should-Not-Be (TPTSNB: the ruling Jews; learn more here & here) use occulted knowledge to plan everything they do as it favors a successful outcome for their machinations – religion is but one arena where this wisdom is used. TPTSNB cannot control cosmic forces but they can exploit them. Occulted knowledge taps directly into people’s psychology, so it is the ultimate mind (soul) control weapon, when it is misused. However, in order for them to use it for their benefit they must keep the masses away from it by convincing them that it is not real, or ‘Satanic’.

Satanism has nothing to do with a fictitious ‘devil’ entity – it is the worship of self as God which involves ‘playing God’. In this sense, those who run this world are Satanic. The word “Satan” is the root of the word for Saturn. Since Saturn is the ruler of the material domain, those that desire to dominate it, try to take the place of this celestial ruler.

Saturn is also the ‘God’ of the Bible: Heavenly Father (referred to as “LORD” in the Old Testament). Saturn is THE celestial father, depicted as an elderly man with a beard in both religious and occult circles (also known as “Father Time” and the “Lord of Karma” in astrology). So, this would literally make the Bible Satanic, based on the root of the word for Saturn…Oh my Lordy, Lord!!! 

God (Saturn) is portrayed as a monstrous entity (Old Testament) that must be feared and obeyed. This ‘God’ will strike down non-believers and non-compliers but not sexual deviants and murderers – utter bollocks. Those who will not do what they’re told are punished. Those doing the “telling” are the earthly rulers in the guise of God/Saturn. This misrepresentation of Saturn is designed to scare the masses into submission. 

Saturn deals with evil, or wrongdoing. Sometimes wrongdoing is unintentional at which point lessons will be learned that do not necessarily involve punishment. Saturn is also the taskmaster – the teacher of lessons in life. Atrocities, however, are dealt with in a different manner. Understand that Saturn does not forgive such things – he holds people accountable regardless of their personal beliefs. He takes his time but he will at some point, come for what is due. Convincing people that the cosmic-kicker-of-evil’s-ass is something to be feared, is the ultimate mindfuck.

The New Testament revolves around Jesus Christ the Son of (Sun) God. Jesus Christ is Greek for “Savior” (Ιησοûς/Jesus) and “Light” (Χριστóς/Christ). 

Jesus Christ is a poetic name for the Sun. The Sun is the Saving Light that rises every day to ensure life on Earth. There is no greater power than the Sun. Christians are Sun worshippers – this is why they worship on SUNday.

There is no life on Earth without the Sun, therefore no place for Saturn to rule, or even exist because the solar system would evaporate without the Sun. (“Sol” is Latin for sun; sol is also the root of the word for “soul” – the soul is the source of life within individuals: their essence. The Greek word for soul – psyche – ties into what I said earlier about occulted knowledge having a direct impact on people’s psych(e)ology. The Sun is at the center of it all.)

There is a verse in the Bible that describes what I stated in the previous paragraph:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The only way to the Father – Saturn, the ruler of the material domain – is through the Source of Life: the Sun. That is, the Light of Life is that which creates the physical world (form).

During the onset of the (astrological) Piscean Age 2000 odd years ago, Jesus/the Sun was heavily “marketed” as a beacon of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. (The Sun IS a warm and loving beacon; the references to fish and fishermen in the Bible, are symbolic representations of the Piscean zodiac sign and Age; during an astrological Age the qualities of the sign that is represented are prevalent in people’s psychology and can be used to manipulate them, if they are not aware of it.) 

Pisces was originally ruled only by Jupiter before the discovery of Neptune in 1846. Many have associated the Greek name for Jupiter – Zeus – with Jesus: Je-Zeus. In Greek lore, Zeus was the son of Kronos (Saturn). Since the concept of Jesus Christ the Sun (son of) God, was introduced during the Piscean Age which was exclusively ruled by Jupiter at that time, there is a correlation. However, the translation of Jesus Christ from the Greek, does not sync up with Jupiter since this planet is made up mostly of hot air, not Light – it is not a celestial luminary. Jupiter ruled Pisces back then, not the Sun. The Sun rules the Sun.

This misrepresentation of the Sun as the offspring of Saturn is an attempt to usurp the Sun. In other words, it is an attempt to make that which rules the material world “God” instead of that which is the Source of Life: the Sun. Sun worship existed long before Saturn worship because people knew either instinctively, or by observing nature, that the Sun is the giver and nurturer of life. However, as more came to be known about the function of Saturn in the cosmos, this knowledge was kept for a select group of people and then used surreptitiously against the masses in order to enslave them.

The Piscean qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness and no boundaries (i.e. anything goes), were used to make the masses condone (tolerate) the evil committed by those in power. These attributes create an existence of unconditional tolerance of EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, this mental-ity has allowed all kinds of evil doers to get away with what they do. Passive and permissive Piscean principles enable the expansion of evil.

Pisces also rules illusion and this Age has certainly been fertile ground for delusional tenets  (“earthly existence is an illusion” is the most delusional) that disconnect people from the reality of earthly life which makes them easy to control.** The New Age cult/religion is a last ditch attempt by TPTSNB to use these illusory and disempowering beliefs of the dying Piscean Age, to trick people into believing they have found a higher, or better way than previous religions…it’s the same old, same old…

Religious beliefs manufactured by TPTSNB for TPTSNB based on fear, passivity and illusion have controlled the vast majority of people on this planet for thousands of years. If they believed the bogus tenets that they peddle, they would not be in control of this world. How can anyone control, or properly deal with anything – including themselves – if they are constantly afraid, passive, or operating on the notion that nothing is real? They peddle falsehoods, knowing very well that the masses will be contained in a maze of confusion which makes them even easier to control: it’s en masse victimization – now that’s evil.

Evil Is as Evil Does

Evil involves more than carrying out actions with malicious (harmful) intent. This is because evil people are spiritually bankrupt so they need to siphon the spirit/life force from others in order to get by in this world. There is something (or many things) crucial missing from these ‘people’ that can never be found, replaced, or healed hence the need to keep stealing other people’s life force. It is in the harming of people that they harvest this energy.

Evil does not appear as a horned beast in the real world. Evil people portray a veneer of ‘niceness’, ‘goodness’, ‘kindness’ in order to hide in plain sight as well as a means by which to get what they seek (people’s souls, even if only a piece of them). They will claim to want the best for those they seek to use up as a way to get them on their side, or to trust them. The easiest way to do this is to have them willingly hand over what they seek. Individuals are not going to do this if they are told up front that they are going to be exploited, raped, murdered and so on, so the evil ones must lie and keep lying in order to function in this existence.

Judgment Day

Saturn is the Cosmic Judge. The current time-of-divide-between-good-and-evil is what is referred to in the Bible as “Judgment Day”.

The exoteric interpretation of the Bible states that this Judgment will come exclusively from God (Saturn). The esoteric understanding says that every person has Saturn somewhere in their psychological make-up, so this internal Judge is supposed to make choices between right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil.***

Evil people will never do the right thing. It is up to everyone else who has the capacity to think, to do so. The problem is with those that condone the actions of the evil ones, make excuses for them, or send them “love and light” hoping that they will magically transform into decent human beings. This decision allows no room for compromise – pick a side. 

There will be several Judges on Judgment Day – one of them is supposed to be YOU.


Matthew 13:49 This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous.

*There is a newer, exoteric version of the Bible peddled mostly by shill conspiracy theorists/“truthers” that would have you believe that God, or the gods in the Bible, are aliens (extra-terrestrial beings). It is claimed that these aliens genetically engineered humanity. Even though life outside of planet Earth is possible, this has NOTHING to do with what is hidden in the Bible. This narrative (i.e. psyop) was concocted to lead people astray in this time of Revelation. (The “gods” mentioned in the Bible spelled with a small “g” are referring to other celestial bodies: the Sun, moon and planets. All gods outside of the one referred to in the Bible – his name beginning with a “G” – are considered “inferior”, hence the spelling of the name with the lower case “g”. The fact that several gods are mentioned at all, tells you that the Bible was written by Pagans, or Polytheists. However, they chose to focus on the one God because of their desire to rule the material plane. This is in direct contradiction to what is written in Genesis 1:26, where the creation of man is the result of more than one God: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. This is a secretive way of saying that heavenly bodies live within every human being: As Above, So Below.)

**Pisces rules the 12th house in astrology which is the domain of mental illness, or any form of disassociation from reality – for example, the use of mind-altering drugs. During this Age, the rampant use of licit and illicit drugs has been used to control people, primarily in the Western world.

***The New Age tenet of “No Judgment” and the Biblical “Judge not lest ye be judged” are deliberate attempts to obliterate that part of people that determines what is right and wrong so that they may accept every atrocity under the Sun. The thing is, both of these statements are judgments – judgments about judgment. The constant references to knowing the difference between good and evil/bad in the Bible contradict this admonishment of judgment as this is exactly what is required in order to make a choice between them. Even Jesus – the loving, all-forgiving one – judges the scribes and Pharisees by constantly referring to them as “hypocrites”. This is one of many contradictions in the Bible. Contradictions are indications of errors, or lies. If the real God – The Creator of All – had written the Bible, contradictions would be absent from it because God does not make mistakes, or lie. These are human foibles no matter how knowledgeable, or prophetic the humans doing the writing may be…but I digress… When it comes to judgment: Ye does Judge and Ye will be Judged.