In this post, I will highlight how those who rule the world use astrological knowledge – specifically, that related to cosmic cycles, or Ages – against you. You may want to read some of the articles that I have already written about the current Aquarian Age before you read this one:

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Compliance And Imprisonment: The Negative Side Of Aquarius.

If you had not noticed, what began in March last year under the guise of a ‘pandemic’ was really about enforcing the negative aspects of Aquarius upon humanity. Freedom of expression and movement are important positive elements of Aquarius – the rulers stepped in quickly to quash that just as it was beginning. Doing as you are told (compliance) and being locked in your house (imprisonment), quite obviously restrict, if not outright eliminate, your freedom. The wearing of masks is also a symbolic way to silence and subjugate people: “Keep your mouths shut and just do what you’re told.”

Another negative aspect of Aquarius that they have pushed since early last year, involves sacrificing yourself for the “greater good.” This is an underhanded way to get people to give up their freedoms in order to ‘protect’ others. The positive side of doing for others, also known as humanitarianism, involves actions based on individual free will choice as to how you want to help people. They do not want us banding together as free people helping each other build a world absent of their predation. If this were to happen, they would wither away and die because their survival is dependent upon the continued enslavement of humanity.

Those who control the world know how these cosmic cycles affect people. They plan how they are going to exploit these cycles decades, if not centuries in advance, in order to maintain their hegemony. At these points in time, people are more psychologically susceptible to certain things – playing on those susceptibilities is their forte. The main way they do this is by focusing on the negative aspects of the Age, as I mentioned above. So, they intentionally cause the suffering, or disempowerment of people in order to increase their power and profit – they are evil incarnate.

How They Co-opted The Piscean Age.

A little over two-thousand-years ago, right at the dawn of the Piscean Age, the Greeks (Hellenes) were preparing to share their knowledge of astrology, numerology, Gematria, Masonry,* and so on, via a document called “The Holy Scripture.” They were going to do it for all of humanity, for free. Since many people were already traveling to Greece/Hellas in order to learn from them, they wanted to make their knowledge accessible to even more people. This was not about controlling anyone via organized religion because the Hellenes did not invent it. Hellenic religion was an individual thing based on study and personal experience (learn more here). So, the Scripture would be available to people who decided of their own free will, to read it.

One of the positive aspects of Pisces is higher levels of spirituality which includes an understanding of the origin and nature of life – this information is encompassed by the areas of knowledge listed in the previous paragraph. The Arts are also favored, so the poetic, allegorical nature of the way the Scripture was written, was a deliberate part of its design.

This endeavor was hijacked by the ancestors of those who currently rule the world. I have written about them in articles that you may find under The Real Bible blog category on my website.  They are the ones who invented all forms of organized religion in order to control people. Since the main negative aspect of Pisces is deception, this explains how they were able to succeed in not only stealing the Holy Scripture/Bible, but also, establishing worldwide control via countless lies that are now unravelling for those who have eyes to see.

The Hellenes were way ahead of their time – they already had humanitarian goals designed to empower people two-thousand-years before the beginning of the current Age. The Aquarian Age is allegorically referred to in the New Testament. I shared this in the second article hyperlinked at the start of this post, but I will include the relevant excerpt here: 

Luke 22:10 He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters.”

The “man carrying a jar of water” represents the Aquarius zodiac symbol. The “house” is the 11th house on the zodiac wheel: Aquarius. (See the Water Bearer here.)

Let’s Stop Them From Co-opting The Aquarian Age.

If this fake global health scare was not enough to pierce the veil of their deceptions, then I don’t know what will wake you up. If you need me to come around and give you a sturdy slap across the face, I am willing to do it. However, I think I do this already via what I expose on this blog, metaphorically speaking, of course…

Now is the time to stop them from screwing you and your descendants over for another two-thousand-years. Their current plans involve turning you all into mindless slaves the likes of which has never been experienced before on planet Earth.

Let’s flip their dystopian-Age-of-Aquarius-script** into what it is really supposed to be: a time of freedom and plenty for members of humanity who are actually worthy of it.

The Aquarian Age Is Yours For The Taking.


*The original Masons were the Hellenes. They had knowledge that they knew could be weaponized if it fell into the wrong hands, so they guarded it well for centuries. Eventually, they figured if they let everyone know about it, it could not be used against humanity. This was the reason for the creation of the Holy Scripture. During that time, Aristotle made some of this knowledge public and was condemned for doing so by Alexander the Great – a crypto-Jew (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 108; learn more about the ruling Jews here & here). The Hellenes proceeded regardless but the Jews had already infiltrated to the point where they could steal it and then proceed to do whatever they wanted with it. God only knows how many Hellenes were murdered when this happened.

This is how they operate: they co-opt/rewrite the works of non-Jews, or write fraudulent works from scratch. This way, they can blame the original non-Jewish authors, or the crypto-Jewish writers that they place as fronts, for whatever damage is done by their interference. This means they can condemn people from other ethnic groups, or religions, for their dirty deeds: “It was the big, bad Greeks/Italians/Turks/Germans/English/Muslims/Christians that did it, not us because we’re the perpetual victims.” – NOT.

**Just so you know, scriptwriting/theater also came out of Hellas… They turned it into a money-making, propaganda machine: Hollywood is the hub of it. Everything they touch they turn to shit. When I began studying the Bible a few years ago, I had no idea it was going to turn into a quest to reclaim my heritage. What I unearthed was a bottomless pit of stolen Hellenic ideas, knowledge and creativity.

P.S. From this day forward whenever I refer to Greece, or Greeks, I will use the Hellenic names which are the following in English: Hellas and Hellenes, respectively. The “G” words are the Latin/Roman names – the Romans were crypto-Jews and as I have already established in some of my Biblical articles, they hijacked the Hellenic alphabet. I plan to slowly restore the language of my ancestors.