If you have bought into the mainstream narratives about the current ‘world crisis’ then what is contained herein is probably not for you.

In order to make a lie convincing, it must be enmeshed with the Truth.

The Co-opting And Inversion Of The Aquarian Age By The-Powers-That-Should-Not-Be (TPTSNB: The ruling Jews – learn more here & here)

In my opinion, the Aquarian Age began when Saturn entered Aquarius in late March of this year because Saturn is the true ruler of Aquarius. TPTSNB know this as they work with cosmic cycles and patterns. They plan things well in advance in order to herd the masses in whatever direction they want them to go in for their own nefarious purposes. (I go into greater detail about how they use occult knowledge here: Judgment Day & The Aquarian Age.) The cosmic vibrations at the moment and for centuries to come, will trigger in people the need for fair treatment of those that have experienced injustice, greater freedom of movement and expression, social interaction (in the flesh and not just online) as well as seeking the truth (i.e. questioning ALL mainstream narratives: government; corporate; science; medicine; celebrity ‘influencers’ etc.). Aquarius is the non-conformist, freedom-loving, humanitarian zodiac sign after all, and it is these aspects of everyone’s psychology that are now being activated. (For more about the Aquarian Age read this article.)

TPTSNB have manufactured this crisis to prevent the uprising that will come about with what is being awoken in individuals. This will most likely take place by people mobilizing to fight injustice hence the enforcement of social distancing. The quarantining of healthy people is UNPRECEDENTED because it is UNNECESSARY. Epidemics have always entailed isolating only those who are infected – there is NO pandemic here. They are grooming individuals for greater restrictions to come and using buzz phrases such as, “for the greater good” and “we’re in this together” – it’s doublespeak for “comply”…“OBEY”. They are inverting humanitarianism (individuals helping one another according to their own free will) into global communism (a centralized entity that will dictate how individuals will contribute toward “the greater good”; Translation: for the exclusive benefit of TPTSNB).

Technology is another aspect of this Age that we have seen an exponential increase in over the last few decades. For all of its benefits, it has also been weaponized. Social media – Facebook in particular – is a spy (information gathering) network that is also now being used to suppress the truth. What was brought in under the guise of “connecting” people (a very Aquarian principle) is really all about controlling them. While everyone is being isolated they are erecting towers to upgrade this technology. It seems that they are installing the infrastructure that will ultimately operate as 24/7 surveillance. Drones have also recently been used to enforce quarantines in certain parts of the world. (I have listed a bunch of links to papers and videos at the end of this article that are full of valuable information.)

The deliberate collapse of the economy is going to make the vast majority of people dependent on the State (and banks) for their survival. This means the removal of opportunities for financial advancement, or independence (freedom). Whatever band aids they are offering for ‘free’ now, will have to be paid back with plenty of interest in the future. TPTSNB will not be paying for anything – they never do. In fact, these shady fucks profit from such ‘crises’ that they themselves create via their sadistic lies (the entire mainstream media – that only they own – peddles LIES). They consider the unwashed masses cattle, or sheep, and treat them as such. The thing about cows and sheep is that they are sources of sustenance – I mean this in a metaphorical sense. Since TPTSNB do not work, or create anything, they need their beasts of burden to sustain them. Are they going to start making their own clothes, growing their own food, cleaning their homes, hotels, resorts etc., building their own houses, offices, yachts, cars and whatnot? Who earned those trillions of dollars that they took (stole)? TPTSNB are the real virus (parasite) that threatens humanity’s well being. Since parasites cannot survive without live hosts, who REALLY needs who here?

Then we have people’s health – the foundation upon which this whole ‘crisis’ rests. What about this miraculous medicine in the form of an injection that individuals are being urged to take in order to “stay safe” (from a non-existent threat)? How long will it be before this medicine is mandated? This means that those who do not comply will not be able to travel, go to school, be employed, and who knows what else… Then there’s the shaming by the thoroughly brainwashed who believe that those who refuse to be poisoned by said injection are posing a ‘threat’ to everyone else (I have already witnessed this shaming taking place by those who believe that certain people are not ‘social distancing’ at the prescribed recommendation). If they really, truly believe that this medicine will protect them, then they cannot get sick now, can they? An infected person may sneeze on them and they will remain healthy because they took that jab in the arm. Logic dictates that they should never come down with this bug but I have yet to see the majority of people apply logic to what has been happening in the last few months. If they want to collude with those who seek to disempower them that is their prerogative but they do not have the right to take the rest of us with them.

The enforced indoor isolation with its attendant lack of fresh air, sunshine, social interaction, EMF bombardment as well as nutritionally piss-weak, plant-based slop that is being rammed down people’s throats, all contribute to poor physical and psychological health. Keeping people weak makes it a lot easier to control them.

This is the very beginning of a possible future that will entail complete enslavement. It really is up to you and how far you are willing to go. Are you willing to forgo everything for the crumbs they will offer provided that you OBEY? Tyrants do not try to control people because they themselves have any power. Their control is motivated by the need to exploit and the fear that comes from knowing that without their exploitation of others, it’s over for them – game, set and match.

Shit’s about to get real, y’all… To be perfectly clear, I’m not referring to the staged shit that has been peddled by the mainstream media in the last few weeks (June 2020) – namely, the fake protests and riots that are occurring around the world. Take a closer look – it is all very bad theater: actors walking the streets and scripted speeches by fake leaders. I do not see any righteous indignation. I would recognize it if I saw it because I have experienced it myself several times. Also, I have not been so thoroughly desensitized by cyberspace that I have forgotten what real human emotion looks and sounds like. Police brutality and the oppression of black people are real issues, but what has supposedly happened recently, is NOT real at all. The pan-fake-demic didn’t get people riled up enough for their liking and that’s because more and more people do not believe it. As such, they could not bring about martial law as they had intended. They also need to keep you distracted while they continue to screw you over in 1001 ways, on the daily.


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