Revelation 13:18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

Some people are really very scared of this Biblical passage because of the number 666…we all know why… However, this has another meaning altogether – it is referring to the subatomic particles that make up carbon: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. Carbon’s atomic number is 6 and it is the 6th most bountiful element in existence. All life on Earth is carbon-based. Saturn is also the 6th planet from the Sun – it is responsible for the construction of life in this world. Wow, that’s a lot of 6’s, isn’t it? It is, therefore, an important number when it comes to the creation of man (humanity).

So, the Bible – the Hellenic (Greek) parts, some of which are also found in the Old Testament – contain hidden knowledge about the origin and nature of life (for more on this, go here).

Letters Are Numbers.

The original Bible written in Hellenic script, only contained letters – they were the first numbers since there was not a separate set of symbols for them in antiquity. In fact, there was no need to create a separate set of symbols for numbers. However, those who learned this knowledge from the Hellenes (Egyptians/Phoenicians/Jews)*, specifically, Gematria (geometry in language – the language of Creation), wanted to keep it for themselves. The move away from an entire alphabet as a numerical system began with the Roman/Latin (Roman = crypto-Jewish) numerals. This system was still based on letters derived from the Hellenic alphabet, but it only contained a limited amount (7) of these letters. Eventually, different symbols were created which reinforced the notion that letters and numbers are two separate entities – a very effective way to hide this knowledge from the common people.

I Will Now Go Off On A Personal, Yet Relevant, Tangent, Tying It All Together Into A Pretty Bow At The End.

This is my 12th article on The Real Bible. The more I looked into the Bible’s true origin, the greater my rage grew because I could see how they who have ruled in the shadows for centuries, had stolen from my ancestors. I have probably also been carrying their rage. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I have unleashed my righteous indignation against them. The good news is that with each revelatory post that I publish my anger dissipates, just as slowly loosening the valve of a pressure cooker, releases steam. As the fog clears, my grief rises to the surface. This sadness is related to the stupendous suffering foisted upon humanity by those who abused the power that comes with this knowledge. I have only written about my grief in my journal until now. The healing influence of the written word never ceases to amaze me. Lest I forget, the healing power of the truth to set myself, my ancestors and future generations around the world, FREE.

For centuries, they have attempted to destroy Hellas (Greece) in order to bury the true origin of this knowledge. The periods in history where most of this destruction happened were during the reign of the Byzantium/Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman/Turkish Empire (both Jewish fronts). As a child, my paternal grandmother, along with one of her sisters, saw their parents being murdered (burned alive) by Turks/Ottomans. A Turkish woman who witnessed the event, whisked them off to safety. This occurred about one hundred years after the so-called ‘Greek War of Independence’ in 1821. The fact that my grandmother survived (and my paternal grandfather who were both born in Pontos – a region of Hellas that is now owned by Turkey), meant that I could be born at this point in time in order to reveal the source of this knowledge. (You see, my grandparents were actual Holocaust survivors, unlike the pretender perpetual victims that we read about in ‘history’ books and their constant phony-baloney depictions in Hollywood movies. They invert reality: instead of being the victims of genocide, they are the instigators of it.) 

This is why bloodlines are so important to the Egyptians/Jews: it is because knowledge/power is passed down to subsequent generations. At least I, like the majority of people on the planet, am not a product of thousands of years of inbreeding, as are the current rulers and their ancestors. Our ancestors knew better because they were smarter than them. People like me are proof that inbreeding is not necessary for the inheritance of wisdom, or true power.

Did you know that the Pharaohs married their sisters? They were unaware that this type of inbreeding creates offspring with major physical and psychological issues. This is because incest contravenes the laws of Nature. They eventually learned (from the Hellenes who knew something about genetics; the Egyptians learned many wonderful things from the Hellenes back in the day), that they would have to go a little further out on the family tree in order to mitigate such problems, so they started marrying their cousins. This is common practice amongst royalty. However, God/Nature is now inverting their inversions partly based on the fact that they have practiced incest, but mostly, because of the bad Karma accrued after millennia of doing nothing but evil.

The Hellenes (the real ‘Greeks’, not the pretender crypto-Jews, such as, Alexander the Great and Homer) were preparing to freely share their knowledge with all of humanity. They were going to do it via the original version of the Bible which they called, “The Holy Scripture.” The scumbags usurped it because they did not want an empowered populace. What we have going on now in the world is the result of their direct interference from that point on.

I will do what I can to return this wisdom to humanity as was the intention of my forebears.

So Mote It Be.


*For more on what they learned/took from the Hellenes go here & here & here & here.

Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.