Parthenogenesis: parthenos (παρθένοs-virgin) & genesis (γένεσις-birth):

A form of asexual procreation where an egg develops into an embryo without being fertilized by a sperm. This is how reproduction occurs in some plant and animal species (e.g. insects, fish and reptiles). In human beings this is also possible but not likely to lead to a viable infant. (For more I send you here & here.)

This article was not meant to be a scientific piece getting into the possibility of parthenogenesis. It is supposed to be about the religious “Virgin Birth” that brought Jesus Christ into existence. Since my interpretation of the Bible is not literal, then my understanding of the Virgin Birth won’t be literal. To me, the Bible contains occulted knowledge about the nature of life – this knowledge is hidden in allegory and Gematria. What is hidden in this Holy Book is scientific knowledge – this post is going to contain science, specifically in relation to genetics…I will keep it simple.

If Jesus Christ Existed, He Would Have Been A She.

If the Virgin Birth was even remotely possible, then Christ should have been a female. This is because women only carry the X (female) chromosome (they have two X’s, while males have an X and a Y). So, without the input of sperm which would give Jesus the Y chromosome thus making him male, he should have been a woman. Some will argue that God was his father, and that God can do anything – like inserting a Y chromosome into the mix – but I don’t buy that explanation.

The Connection Between The Greek Letter “X”, Christ And The X Chromosome.

The Greek name for Christ begins with the letter X: Χριστός. It’s interesting that the first letter of the word for Christ, is the exact same symbol for the female chromosome… The sound of this letter is the equivalent to the English “H” – the proper phonetic spelling of Christ in English should be: Hrist(os). 

Christ/Christos/Hristos is a Greek word for Light – Jesus Christ is a poetic name for the Sun (in Greek it translates into “Saving Light”). The Light from the Sun is necessary for life in this world.

X is also the 22nd letter in the Greek alphabet: 22*** is the Master Builder number – an important number related to creating structure in this world. Light is the Source of life which makes it the foundation of any physical structure. If we return to the chromosome thing, then it becomes evident that the X chromosome is necessary for life. This is demonstrated by the fact that both males and females have this chromosome. Since the female carries only X chromosomes and new life continues to gestate (to be built, constructed) within her after conception, that would make the female a pivotal part of Creation.****

What About Parthenogenesis In Relation To The Sun?

One of the occulted interpretations of the Virgin Birth in the Bible, is based on the belief that the Sun/Light (Jesus Christ) sprang from the womb of the universal mother – the womb is a dark place and so is outer space. This type of “birth” does not require the input of a metaphorical male. However, darkness is the absence of light – this means that light most certainly cannot come from darkness because by definition, it is not there. This is similar to the nonsensical idea that you can get something from nothing – you cannot get anything from nothing because there’s nothing there to begin with. You can only get something from another thing that is already there – it exists.

In my opinion, the Sun/Light gave birth to itself. This is comparable to a human female only being able to give birth to another female, if parthenogenesis was possible. If Light did come from something else, it could only be derived from another Source of Light. In other words, IT JUST IS. Light does not need anything else to give it life because everything comes from it: IT IS LIFE ITSELF.


***22 reduces to 4 – the Greek name for “God” consists of four letters: 

“The Tetragrammaton (tetra – from τέσσερα: four; gramma – γρáμμα: letter): the four-letter name of this solitary God, is the Greek one: Θεóς/ΘΕΟΣ.” (From the section “The Masonic/Greek Origin Of The Bible And How It Relates To Gematria” in the following article.)

****The Greek alphabet is the foundation upon which the Roman/Latin/English alphabet is derived. The letters X and Y – which are the same symbols as the sex chromosomes – originated from the Greek script. This tells me that they knew something about genetics when they created the alphabet – letters are the language of Creation.

P.S. I am including this recently added footnote to my article In The Beginning Was The Word as a postscript here because it is relevant as far as the Greek alphabet and Gematria are concerned. The official story is that the first alphabet was a combined Egyptian/Phoenician/Greek invention but…

I now think that the original alphabet was a purely Greek creation. The Phoenicians and Egyptians were (supposedly) the same people: proto-Jews (they, and their descendants, have ruled this world for thousands of years; for more on this, please read this article). The Egyptians were learning many things from the Greeks back in the day: math, geometry, law, language, philosophy, religion, architecture (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 40, 44, 45, 55). In fact, the Greeks taught them how to build walls in order to prevent flooding from the Nile (“The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry” p. 54). If they did not have the knowledge to build such structures, then there’s no way they built the pyramids. (I don’t buy the alien theory, either.) As far-fetched as it may seem, I believe they were created later on. When you have secretly taken over the world and have stupendous amounts of (stolen) wealth, this level of deception is doable.

The Semitic languages that later replaced the original Greek in the Bible (Aramaic & Hebrew), not only excluded vowels in the beginning, they are also based on a different script (symbols) and the text is read right to left. These languages do not belong in the same book (for more on the incompatibility of the Old and New Testaments, go here). It seems that vowels were only added to those written languages after the Jews learned Gematria from the Greeks. The Greeks would have had an alphabet of their own in order to discover Gematria in the first place. An alphabet, by definition, has to contain both vowels and consonants – the early Semitic written languages were not based on an alphabet because they lacked vowels.”

P.P.S. I am going to respond to some of the arguments about Virgin Births being real amongst girls/women: just because a girl/woman says she’s a virgin (never had intercourse) does not mean that it’s true. Sperm can also get into the vagina outside of intercourse – use your imagination to determine that one. Another theory is that an intact hymen is proof of virginity, but a woman can be sexually active for many years and still have her hymen – it simply expands. There would also be incentive to lie about the mode of conception if a girl/woman had been raped, especially if the perpetrator was a relative. If she is in a relationship, and steps out on her partner who may be infertile, or had a vasectomy that she was unaware of, that would be another reason for her to lie. Immaculate conception was the culprit…yeah, right.